KineticAssistant v0.17 – fixes and new features

New update for Kinetic Assistant v0.17.3.0

– New world map icons: airliner, rotorcraft, vehicle, boat
– world map icons filtering by selected type on EVENTS tab
– icons color logic changed – it does not rely on the server now, only on aircraft
– XCSoar issues fixed: 0 heading value, wrong wind angle
– XCSoar port can be set manually (NMEA tab)
– System folder OPEN button for quick access (Settings tab)
– towplane taxi on the runway before takeoff (if Realistic Restrictions checkbox ticked)
– world map mouse buttons swapped (left – drag, right – set teleport marker)
– event name added to world map aircraft info window (if competition is active)
– dedicated sounds for turn points passing notifications (start, turnpoint, final, finish)
– decreased chances of active pause false detection during competition

Freeware version
Payware version

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