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Legacy aircraft Air Creation 582SL for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. You need original game to be installed (Microsoft Flight Simulator X), or already imported aircraft (into “Community\aircreation_582sl” folder).

Version 0.3 and later does not compatible with earlier add-on versions, please remove it manually before install.


1. Unpack and launch MSFS2020 Aircreation_582SL_#.exe files
2. Choose preferable installation method
3. If Install selected, you need to choose Flight Simulator X installation folder (root of it, not Aircreation 582SL aircraft folder)
4. Regardless selected option, find your MSFS Community folder (if you have problems with that – read this article ).
5. Installation process will started, which includes:
5.1 If Install selected, FSX files will be copied into Community folder
5.2 Add-on files extracted into aircraft folder
5.3 msfsJSONgen.exe copied into Community folder
5.4 Converted gauges extracted into “\Community\legacy-vcockpits-instruments\” folder
5.5 JSON file for aircraft and gauges regenerated by msfsJSONgen (black screen pop up)
5.6 Readme.txt file opened if relative option was selected

Features and issues:

– original model and textures
– single livery
– arcade flight model
– gauges experimental method rendering
– landing light work (L key by default), strobe (O), headlight in first person view (does not affect gauges surfaces)
– realistic specifications (weight, dimensions, engine power)
– possibility to fly with motor or glide (just remove payload and fuel)
– AI enhanced textures

Air Creation 582SL v0.3

  • Update option added to installer
  • Textures upscaled
  • Take off issue fixed

Air Creation 582SL v0.2

5 feedbacks on Air Creation 582SL

please please yes do installer to use without fsx.
We appreciate it very much. I have no room on my hdd for fsx

No, but I will rebuild installer soon, so it could be possible to update already imported into Community folder aircraft files. Same way as it works for DG808S.

you can try version 0.3 – Update function appear there. just get original files from and then apply update using installer.

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