Air Creation 582SL

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Throttle lever does not work with SU7 – please wait for further add-on update


1) use F2 key to decrease engine(s) thrust, F3 to increase. Important to leave joystick throttle lever in upper or lower position or it will reset throttle to 0
2) assign Throttle 1/2/3/4 Axis (each) to your throttle lever in controls settings

Microsoft Flight Simulator © Microsoft Corporation.

Air Creation 582SL MSFS add-on was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.


Model format: glTF (native)

Gauges: partially working (no radio)

Interactive cockpit: yes

VR support: yes

Textures quality: 1k (16k AI upscale)

PBR/Normal materials: presented

Suspension: animated

Flight model: Modern (it will not fly with Legacy)

Controls: simplified (no weight shift simulation)

Sounds: WAV (original)

Model quality: 25k polygons

Liveries: single

Pilots/passenger: generic, not animated


How to install:

Unpack folder “microsoft-aircreation582sl” into Community directory of the MSFS

How to uninstall:

Delete folder “microsoft-aircreation582sl” from Community directory of the MSFS

Air Creation 582SL v0.5

  • Front panel reworked
  • Exhaust effects
  • Engine RPM maximum increased up to 7000 (of 6500 allowed, no failure yet)
  • Interior and exterior camera views added
  • Starter sound replaced, torque moment decreased (hold ignition switch longer at low temperatures)

Air Creation 582SL v0.4.1

Controls effectiveness increased

Air Creation 582SL v0.4

– VR support
– model conversion
– advanced materials

Air Creation 582SL v0.3

  • Update option added to installer
  • Textures upscaled
  • Take off issue fixed

Air Creation 582SL v0.2

9 feedbacks on Air Creation 582SL

Have it installed in MS2020. Using T16000M controls, pedals, joystick, throttle.
Can get it rolling down the runway but it won’t lift off. Is it me or the mod?

Ensure that you have Modern flight model set in MSFS configs.
However, it was not updated or even tested for a long time so possibly no longer works. It will be fixed some day but I can’t provide estimations.

Really appreciate you working on this, looks great! My only issue is with the flight model, the pitch control has very little effect and it’s possible to throttle down the engine and still maintain altitude almost indefinately! 🙂 Hope you keep working on it, great work so far!

Flight model changes still on hold, until JW1 is finished. After that aerodynamics will be updated and custom weight shift controls script added.

please please yes do installer to use without fsx.
We appreciate it very much. I have no room on my hdd for fsx

No, but I will rebuild installer soon, so it could be possible to update already imported into Community folder aircraft files. Same way as it works for DG808S.

you can try version 0.3 – Update function appear there. just get original files from and then apply update using installer.

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