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JSON generation tool for MSFS instruments and aircraft data. Script code was borrowed from MSFS Legacy Importer branch.

How to use:

  • Copy into Community folder
  • Click twice to generate layout.json and manifest.json inside of legacy-vcockpits-instruments folder (legacy gauges), or update¬†layout.json if json files already exists
  • Drag and drop aircraft folder on EXE file to regenerate¬†layout.json fileof this aircraft

Source code available at github/fs2020LegacyInstaller

JSON Generator v0.1

Initial release with base functionality – JSON generation of instruments folder, drag and drop functionality for aircraft data.

3 feedbacks on JSON Generator

“PNG.DDS” is just the way how 3DS max exporter works, texture name can be “name.DDS” without problem.
is texture JSON really required? before, it worked pretty fine without JSONs for each texture because these files are for SDK project editor, not end users. let me know if you practically confirmed (not just suggested) that they are required, I can add generator in the code.

I know that ADE uses a DDS.DDS and a json in adding model textures to the community folder for airports etc and I believe some posted on AIG discord: I saw this posted:
1 – Inside your livery folder create a file called “layout” with .json extension (should be layout.json)

2 – Copy an .json from other livery (doesn’t matter which. DDS is it pointing at) and put inside your livery folder. Rename it with your textures names (I.e:

Copy and rename it for every image you have

3 – Drag and drop layout.json to autojson or layoutgenerator.exe (those are disponible in AIG Forum)

4 – Open your updated layout.json and all “dds.json”

5 – Update every “dds.json” with correct “Date” and “Size” from layout.json info for every image.

[4:48 PM]
If you don’t have any .dds.json

Go to Official Asobo_A320neo in any livery folder

I notice that all the textures are capitalized in the naming. Maybe a standalone tool that will see the texture name and do the json etc.. Just a thought. Don’t know if lack of jsons has anything to do with it but I am having trouble getting ai’s to be visible. maybe the proggie could rename the texture to proper format and add the json.

here’s a pic of the ade file (DDS.DDS.JS0N) in community folder… Done by ADE in FSDeveloper (Jon)

Thanks Alex

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