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Tiny mod of Pelican hovering aircraft, an attempt to bring something more suitable for MSFS concept of realistic simulator. Only exterior model replaced, it still has Pelican’s cockpit – Nexus cockpit contains of two screens and extremely boring.

How to install

  • ensure you have ASOBO’s Pelican aircraft installed
  • unpack touchingcloud-rotorcraft-nexus into Community folder manually or install it by add-ons manager
  • if your cockpit is miss textures – go to the MSFS MArketplace and install Pelican aircraft

How to uninstall

  • remove touchingcloud-rotorcraft-nexus from Commu ity folder

List of changes (compare to original Pelican aircraft):

  • lowpoly exterior model
  • engines thrust decreased
  • accurate tilt rotors animation
  • engines quick start/stop simulation (still windmill while on the ground)
  • props custom sounds
  • improved downwash effects (dust – sand – water)

To switch between hover and cruise modes, use FLIGHT MODE switch on the front panel.

Enjoy, report issues, share your ideas, or just ignore.

p.s. model is not unwrapped properly, let me know if someone would like to help with it

Bell Nexus v0.1

1 feedback on Bell Nexus

Please, please, can you send me the ASOBO‚Äôs Pelican aircraft official files, i cant go to the MSFS MArketplace I am from madagascar and my internet is so trash…

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