AirshowAssistant v2.0 is ready!

You are able now to spawn up to 3 wingmen (same aircraft model/livery due to SDK issue). Separate formation and interval selectors both for flying and landing/take off procedures. Adjustable wingmen behaviour – latency, accuracy, acceleration and manoeuvrability controls.

Same smoke applied to each formation plane, as smokes system not designed for individual adjustments. Flares applied only to a main aircraft but will be added or others as well in further updates.

We are planning to add presets system for each tab – smokes, flares and formations. You will be able to make a collection of config presets, order them properly, and then jump from one to another by a hotkey during flight for ultimate air show experience.

PC users –

PC/Xbox Marketplace – 29.02.2024

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Thanks for this great tool! I got it at the marketplace a few days ago and I’m enjoying it a lot!

Do you have any plans to include an option to command your wingmen to detach from player, even if they keep flying straight, so that we can practice formation flying with them? Then with another command they could start following you again.


Good morning
I bought and installed airshow for msfs PC win10 but don’t know how to start it. I’m fine but I don’t understand how to search. It is in FS2020install\official.
I’m looking forward to your response because it looks great. Thanks in advance

Hello. You may not have toolbar active, check that it was activated in the panels settings

j’ai acheté et installé airshow pour msfs PC win10 mais ne sais pas comment le démarrer. J’ai beau chercher mais je ne comprends pas. Il est bien dans FS2020install\official.
J’attends avec impatience votre réponse car cela m’a l’air génial. D’avance merci

Merci pour votre réponse rapide. Entre temps j’ai désinstaller et réinstaller l’application et maintenant je vois le logoe airshow dans ma barre d’outils. Je vais suivre le didactitiel pour profiter de votre application. Encore merci.
Thank you for your prompt response. In the meantime I uninstall and reinstall the application and now I see the Airshow logoe in my toolbar. I will follow the didactile to take advantage of your application. Thanks again.

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