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Microsoft Flight Simulator © Microsoft Corporation. DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S MSFS add-on was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.


This add-on contain various improvements like modern flight model, upgraded gauges, replaced sounds, updated textures.
Further work will be continued to bring better gauges functionality, visual quality and realistic flight performance.

You can get yourself into the air using invisible engine with limited amount of fuel, or with Kinetic Assistant application – it provide winch and tow functionality. Basic thermals as well but no automatic generation yet – you will need to place thermals in your area manually.

If you are going to use this glider in VR mode, choose “VR” livery in hangar before you get inside of the cockpit or game will crash to desktop. Otherwise, avoid using VR liveries as they contain some issues, like missing polygons on back side of the panel and canopy, or not animated landing gear.


Automatic installer contain most of required files, so only thing you need to do is select Community path. Exceptions are sound packages – we can’t include any sounds into installer as it will be Microsoft policy violation,  so they will be copied by installer from default MSFS aircraft automatically.

  1. Unpack and launch MSFS_Legacy_DG808S_#.exe file
  2. Launch installer and choose required option
  3. Press Next button
  4. Select Community path (if you have problems with that – read this article ). You can’t install add-on in some other folder, or installer will be not able to find file Asobo_VL3.PC.PCK (you will need to copy it into \sound\ manually in this case).
  5. Press Install, installation process will started
  6. After installation finished, you can open Readme file
  7. Launch the game, if all files copied properly, you will find DG808S in the list of your aircraft. Switch to VR livery first of all if you are using VR.

If you have problems with automatic installer, you can unpack files manually, then perform these actions manually:

  • delete sound.cfg files from folder \sound\ and \soundai\
  • delete DG808S.air file if it exists
  • copy file \Official\[OneStore or Steam]\asobo-aircraft-vl3\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_VL3\sound\Asobo_VL3.PC.PCK into \sound\ folder
  • copy file Official\[OneStore or Steam]\asobo-aircraft-vl3\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_VL3\soundai\Asobo_VL3_AI.PC.PCK into \soundai\ folder


  • Launch installer
  • Uncheck all options except first one “Remove previous version”
  • Select Community folder
  • Press “Install” button


EXE file of this installer is unsigned, so Windows Defender/some other antivirus software may be triggered. Each update build will be submit into Microsoft Security Intelligence service to make sure it will be not blocked by Windows Defender, but it take days until cloud database, and then your client, will be updated. If you experience such issue – you may try to apply security intelligence manual update following this instruction and then try to run application again.

If you experience “Too long filename” error in installation process, or your Community folder is inside of USERS directory (and as result has really long path name), first of all check that LongPathsEnabled value is equal to “1” in your windows registry  Or you can try to follow manual installation instructions.

If long path name issue still happen, only options left are move Community folder outside of Users directory or use hardlinks, you can find some solutions here.

Remove fuel right after game start if you don’t need it, or increase amount from 50% to 100%.

If you experience visual issues with yaw string, switch antialiasing settings from TAA to different one.

If you want to disable vario tone, use Alt+A shortkey

VR model (for VR liveries) contain some visual issues (missing polygons at the back face of the panel, landing gear without animation) so avoid using them in normal game mode. However, if you met someone with active VR, you will see these issues on that player anyway

If your game crashing in VR when you are trying to load flight plan, you need to fix livery value in the FLT file. Open it in the notepad, find [Sim.0] line, below it replace “Sim=DG808S” (or anything similar) on “Sim=Default“, save file, load flight plan in MSFS.


by Michael Rossi


empty_weight = 772 ; (pounds)
empty_weight_cg_position = -2.2693, 0.0, 0.00 ; -1.93 (feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from specified datum

station_load.0 = 170, 1, 0, -0.5, TT:MENU.PAYLOAD.PILOT, 1
station_load.1 = 0, 4.6797, 0, 0, TT:FRONT BALLAST
station_load.2 = 0, -1.6797, 0, 0, TT:CG BALLAST
station_load.3 = 0, -7.6797, 0, 0, TT:REAR BALLAST

cruise_lift_scalar = 2 ;
parasite_drag_scalar = 0.5 ;
induced_drag_scalar = 0.5 ;
elevator_effectiveness = 1.0 ;
aileron_effectiveness = 2.0 ;
rudder_effectiveness = 1.0 ;

lift_scalar = 2 ; Scalar coefficient to ponderate global flap lift coef (non dimensioned)
drag_scalar = 0.5 ; Scalar coefficient to ponderate global flap drag coef (non dimensioned)

If you also convert the [AERODYNAMICS] section you must correct the aero_center_lift value which must be (negative) approximately 1/4 of the wing_root_chord variable – IF wing_root_chord = 3.03 ; Feet


aero_center_lift = -0.75 ; -9.5 Init to center CA

ENGINE – Inserted jet engines, to simulate a towing plane, with only 1 gallon of petrol, if you don’t want to use this function just put 0 in the tank variable

Center1 = -1.6797, 0, 0, 1, 0 ; For each tank: Tank position (z longitudinal, x lateral, y vertical) (FEET), total fuel capacity (GALLONS), unusable fuel capacity (GALLONS)

Edited the file – runway.flt – to have the engine ready when you start from the ground and with the brakes already off

SOUND – Used the new MSFS sound of Asobo_VL3.
Inserted the vario sound in the original file – sound.xml – and removed the engine sound, leaving only a sound when the fuel runs out and the engine is switched off, to simulate the sound, of towing release.

TEXTURE – Texture changed – – in the position of the glass, to solve the invisible glass problem from the outside view


by Ian “B21” Lewis

# DG808S B21 Instruments v.44


The instruments will work fine “out-of-the-box” with the Cambridge Vario auto-switching between CRUISE and CLIMB modes.


Assign a key/button to “TOGGLE BEACON LIGHTS” to manually switch the Cambridge vario to CRUISE or CLIMB.

Assign a key/button to “TOGGLE NAV LIGHTS” (default “Alt-N”?) to select NEXT WAYPOINT in Nav Display (if you have a flightplan loaded).

Assign a key to “TOGGLE CABIN LIGHTS” (default “Alt-T” I think) to show/hide debug readings.

# Nav Instrument / LOADING A FLIGHT PLAN

The Nav Instrument tells you
* the name of the selected waypoint
* a pointer for the direction to go
* the altitude of the waypoint
* the distance (in Km) to go

Flight plans are not essential, but we can use them to define a soaring cross-country task.

If you start the flight with no flight plan loaded, the Nav instrument will populate a single waypoint for your starting position,
calling that ‘HOME’. This isn’t a bad place to start with a launch followed by a glide back to the airport following the Nav
pointer, including in a cross-wind.

If you load a flight plan (before starting the flight) then the Nav Instrument will read that and display the first waypoint. You can
select further waypoints via the hot-key/button assigned to “TOGGLE NAV LIGHTS” (default Alt-N).

You can use ‘Alt-N’ (by default) to step through each waypoint on the Nav Instrument. Technically in MSFS you are toggling the
Nav lights but this is a workaround to enable you to interact with the Nav Instrument.

You can create your own MSFS flight plan with Little Nav Map (or Plan G).

MSFS has it’s own idea for what to do with the ALTITUDES
in your flight plan and this makes those altitudes irrelevant for soaring. If you append “+<altitude feet>” to your waypoint NAME
e.g. “START+4000” then in this example the Nav Instrument will display 4000 (feet) for the “START” waypoint. This will be more
important if/when I add ‘estimated arrival height’ as a function of the Nav instrument.

An example Mifflin_Day1.pln MSFS flight plan for a soaring task is included.


Set the wind for 315 degrees / 17 knots / no gusts. This is harder than it sounds so ask the FB ground if you’re unsure.

# Winter Vario

The Winter vario is permanently showing Total-Energy Compensated Sink Rate.

If you are flying at a steady speed, this is identical to the speed you’re sinking towards the ground.

If you are accelerating/decelerating then the gauge compensates for that making the underlying sink rate easier to see.

# Cambridge Vario

The Cambridge Vario has 3 modes (toggle with hot-key/button assigned to “TOGGLE BEACON LIGHTS”):

* icon at 3-o-clock will be blank (cruise) or a circle-arrow (climb)
* Average at 6-o-clock will be:
– cruise: rolling average Netto
– climb: true climb average since entering climb mode.
* Needle and Audio will be:
– cruise: Netto
– climb: TE

In AUTO MODE the gauge will switch sensibly between the AUTO-CRUISE and AUTO-CLIMB modes, e.g. a variety of different situations will
cause the gauge to operate in AUTO-CLIMB mode (needle showing TE climb rate, AUDIO on TE, averager giving you the TRUE climb rate
since you entered this mode). For example, selecting flaps T1 or T2, flying below 70 knots in rising air will cause the
Cambridge vario to assume you are trying to thermal. Flying fast, or simply flying in a straight line without climbing, will cause
the vario to exit climb mode.

* icon at 3-o-clock will say “TE”
* Average at 6-o-clock will be rolling average TE
* Needle and Audio will be TE
* The vario will remain fixed in this mode, with no auto-switching

* icon at 3-o-clock will say “Net”
* Average at 6-o-clock will be rolling average Netto
* Needle and Audio will be Netto
* The vario will remain fixed in this mode, with no auto-switching

# General info

Power on/off (default Alt-B) should work as expected. The instruments should cope with ‘slew mode’ and ‘pause’ ok.
I have NOT yet programmed the Cambridge ‘true average’ to detect pause/slew yet.

There is a hot-key (whatever you have assigned to “TOGGLE CABIN LIGHTS” ) to bring up DEBUG DATA including glide ratio.

* ASI has (top) TRUE AIRSPEED (bottom) GROUND SPEED kph
* Nav has (bottom left) GLIDE RATIO
* WINTER has (bottom) TE m/s
* Cambridge has (bottom) Netto m/s.

The Netto is calibrated with the correct polar, so in STILL AIR if you’re flying properly (e.g. in the right flap, wheel up,
spoilers closed) it should read zero. Any difference is the sim flightmodel error or you are not flying in still air (easiest
check is the L/D in the Nav display).

MSFS gusts are not sensibly implemented currently, so you need to disable those or will have excessive jitter in the vario needles.


DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S v0.7TEST

  • Flight model fixes for the last MSFS update by Michael (test files)
  • Livery and cockpit textures by David

Coming soon

Follow Touching Cloud Facebook page for updates announcements

DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S v0.6

  • Installer no longer require FSX assets
  • gauge file names shortened to avoid “Too long path name” Windows error (still may happen)
  • wings flex modifier decreased twice
  • spoilers effectiveness decreased twice
  • sounds minor changes
  • controls effectiveness and overall glider performance adjusted
  • collision points adjusted, wingtip wheels added
  • VR liveries added (to avoid crash to desktop in VR mode)
  • Interior model fixes (to make it looks better in VR mode)


Screenshots by ANRI

DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S v0.5TEST

  • default flaps value set to 0 deg
  • flaps positions number increased to 7, handle animation issues fixed
  • center of gravity values changed
  • auto trim feature works now (Z key)
  • overall flight model improvements
  • speed indicator value replaced from TAS to IAS

DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S v0.4TEST

  • engine fuel consumption in idle decreased 10 times (to 1l/h)
  • fuel amount increased from 1 to 2 gallons
  • flaps effectiveness adjusted
  • barometer hundreds needle offset fixed
  • battery state affect all digital gauges
  • average climb (last 30 seconds) with arrows indication
  • vario inop symbology hided
  • total energy calculation (both varios show same value for now)
  • vario tone linked with total energy sim variable
  • Alt+A hotkey bind for vario tone mute

DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S v0.3TEST

  • Flight model adjustments
  • Vario sound samples changed
  • Yawstring thickness increased from 2px to 3px
  • Installer remove _CVT_ folder automatically
  • Installer issue with not copying files when “Install” option selected fixed

DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S v0.2TEST

  • Flight model adjustments
  • Yaw string on canopy glass

DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S v0.1TEST

Initial release

  • AIR data import performed
  • Flight model tuning
  • Pseudo jet engine added with very low amount of fuel
  • Asobo_VL3 sounds used
  • Variometer sound tone (can’t be turned off yet)
  • Working gauges (no clickable elements)
  • Canopy transparency fixed

70 feedbacks on DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S

Since the MSFS update of ~ 2wks ago DG-808S v0.6 and v0.7 gives me inflight crashes to desktop, usually after 15-20 minutes.
No problems with other aircraft.
Hopefully the next version of this very nice plane will fly crash free.

Hi re the vr livery option, i dont have this ? I have 4 options
Austrian, Australian, American and White, red.
All of which will make it crash !
Cheers Roger

Then you have outdated version, or the one from another website. Make clean install of 0.6 and it will work.

Vr crashing
Hi have tried going into the livery before flight. But still it crashes. Is there any videos on this? Brilliant work so far . P.s. When in the livery tab do I need to select a particular livery ?
Cheers rogetty

Sorry, no video tutorials. Yes, you have to choose livery with label “VR” in the hangar. You can easily understand that it loaded – exterior model does not have landing gear (main wheel).
If you still have problems with it, native version of this glider in development. No estimations but you could check news periodically.

MSFS crashes to desktop when I attempt to lauch a flight in VR with DG-808S. Any tip ?
Thanks !

Before start the flight, choose “VR” livery in hangar. This way game will not crash.

Ok… sorry I didn’t read the VR liveries part !
Thanks a lot for your work

Hi please enable altitude display in meters and fix “red string” thanks a lot. Maybe take a look at the “aerosoar-discus” mod where this is working

Yes! 0.7 is coming!
Really looking forward to this, the screenshots are looking beautiful already.
Can you give a rough estimate when the download will be available?

I think Asobo has changed the flight model… yet again. Now rolling feels a little bit sluggish… it’s more like driving a school bus 😀

Hello Alex,

I think it suits me very well as well… It goes fast enough for me, 01:11:07 @ Race 220 LSTS, even though I went over 2 waypoints twice 😉

Thanks again!

first of all thank you for the beautiful glider you shared with the community.
I wanted to ask you if you can implement and assign a joystick button for the release of the tow, the opening of the levers of the ballast tanks and finally the opening of the dome. because when I do it with the maus nothing happens but the elements seem active.
Thanks again

Hello! First of all, you should know that this is still conversion mod and legacy cockpit can’t have clickable elements due to MSFS bug.
You actually can attach light events to the kinetic actions – like tow release (check Controls section in program description). Ballast dump and canopy open not implemented yet but in plans.

Great Airplane, but i have the problem, when starting from the parking spot the plane will get launched in the air. i cant try Aerotow from your kinetic assistant because of that. also i have a problem with the kinetic assistant app, where the ai planes wont take off when starting from the runway. they start flying about 1m over the ground turn left and then they stop.

Yes – as all water ballast variables locked, we are using CG ballast. You can change this value depending on situation. Even in competitions – no weight control yet.

Hi Alex

Excellent conversion!
However, I have a strange problem with version 0.6
Everything works fine except I do not get main gear animation in external view (interior handle moves correctly). Also I do not see pilot avatar or tinted canopy in external view.

I do not know where to look for the problem

It is known issue of VR livery, as same model used both for interior and exterior views, it does not have pilot inside and landing gear animation does not work.
Are you using VR? If not, just change livery to normal (without VR in the name), and issues will be fixed for you. But not other people in multiplayer, which using this VR livery as crash workaround.

Yes I only fly in VR.
I was worried there might be a problem with my hybrid installation. I had to install the DG808s folder in the official Community folder to get the DG808s sounds (ground roll, wind , control clunks) to work properly, but I had to install the legacy controls folder in a linked Community folder to avoid the path name too long problem.

It is a minor issue. Exterior view is not enough reason to go back to flat screen.

Even at 30 fps VR rules!!

How can I configure the speed brakes because it doesn’t work with me
Thank you
It’s a very Good addon for fs2020

Something else if I may. It is a bit silly but Is it possible to have the pilot legs and arm appear in cockpit view ? I love the slightly backward view which provide a full cockpit view with the outside scenery. It is the best way to experience the flight sensation. However there is no pilot present. You can see from the exterior view that he has his legs and hands inside the cockpit. Just saying if you can do it.

Many Thanks

This add-on distributed under strict Microsoft rules, so we can’t edit model (as it will be reverse engineering). You can see some other native gliders projects started lately (Falke SF28, Discus-2b), you can expect such features made there, or at least ask for them.

A bit confuse with the file “legacy-vcockpits-instruments”. It is needed ? It seems so since there is no instruments without it.
is it really required or there is a bug ? The name is misleading.

P.S wonderful add-ons. Brilliant. Thank you

Hello. This add-on is legacy aircraft (converted from FSX), so it uses converted gauges that works in MSFS. As you noticed, no gauges inside of DG808 when this folder removed, so it is required.

Than you so much! The most fun I have had in msfs2020 so far for sure also the most time spent in a single session soaring near Logan in Utah! Ridge soared and climbed thermals and flew all the way to Jackson Hole and back. What a blast! P{lease do the AS29!

What a great aircraft!!!! Do you have a PaintKit to share? It would make it a lot easier to create liveries than to breakdown the .dds file from scratch.

Wow, the bushflight to Coucheval was really hard (for me).
Thank you very much to you guys for that nice glider and the tools. Thank you very much for bringing soaring in MSFS 2020.
My greatest respect for that fine peace of software…..


Great work, that glider!

Just a question: could you please also release it via That website helps a lot to keep informed, if addons are having a new update, so we only have to keep an eye on a single website to keep the full overview over all our used addons.

Your website is great, no question at all, but it´s getting really hard for us users, when having to trace addon versions over several sites.

Please think about it, it would be a really nice step!

Ooops, i posted my question already a week ago, sorry for the double post. But it maybe just shows, how much your addon is desired.

Hello, beautiful work, but in the external view the right flap is slightly lower than the right one, is it normal?

Thank you! Yes, this is issues of original (FSX) model animation. We can’t edit model as it will be Microsoft policy violation, so I am afraid it will stay like that.

Hi guys!

Fantastic work, thanks a lot!

Just one tiny thing to ask for: can you please also upload the glider plane addon at This site helps a lot to keep an overview, which addons got recent updates and we just have to check a single site. Please help us and also publish all your files there, too!

Hi, thank you very much for your great work! It’s an incredible pleasure to be able to enjoy slope soaring in the Alps!

I noticed a strange behavior. After 15/20 minutes of flight I systematically get a gradual drop in performance until it becomes unplayable (from a smooth 30fps to less than 2fps in 10 minutes time). I’m in fairly high quality (a high/ultra mix @ 5120×1440 in 2D, 100% render scale in MSFS, 85% in OpenXR WMR Dev settings and reprojection OFF for G2). Lowering it doesn’t change anything at all. I keep flying at the same place. This happens in VR or in 2D and only with the DG-808S (T1-VR). The GPU is then not very much used (idle @ ~20%), neither is the CPU. When I restart MSFS, everything comes back to normal. Has anyone encountered the same kind of problem?

Thanks again, Philippe.

(V0.6 – My setup is i9-10900K, 3080FE, HP Reverb G2, 32GB 3600Mhz, Samsung SSD 970 PRO M.2 PCIe NVMe, NVIDIA drivers rollback to 457.30)

Hi, Philippe. At this moment DG808S almost native aircraft except model files – they are still in legacy (FSX MDL) format. Because of that we have used a trick to render HTML gauges, which I guess may cause such issues (even if it widely used by Legacy Importer users).
So it can be some gauges issue, or MSFS bug related to MDL rendering, either way you are not able to fix it by yourself.

Just for experiment you can try:
1. when you see that FPS drop again, try to use Resync option of Debug menu (New Project – Edit – Aircraft – Resync)
2.1 open folder \Community\legacy-vcockpits-instruments\html_ui\Pages\VLivery\liveries\Legacy\dg808s_panel\
2.2 open 3 JS files inside of this folder in text editor
2.3 replace “this.Update();” on “//this.Update();” (it calls “comment out”)
2.4 gauges will not work in the game after that, even variometer, but if issue will not appear – we’ll know that something wrong with the gauges code

Hi Alex,

Thank you for this feedback. When I had the problem again after about 10 minutes of flight, I tried the developer mode resync option (Tools / AC Editor / File / Resync) but with no success.

After disabling the 3 “Update” calls, I was able to fly in VR for almost two hours in the Chamonix valley. By the way, thank you for this magical moment. Without any instrument, it was an extraordinary pleasure to just feel, with the sound of the wind and the outside view, the glider reactions. The climbing rate perception along cliffs and mountains was just amazing. Never has a flightsim given me such emotions! 😉

But back to technique… I still started to have huge fps drop after two hours but not after 10 minutes as before turning off update calls. I tried then the resync option again but with no more effect. Maybe there are some recursive function calls which do not return and overload over time?
I also tried to deactivate some custom panels addons that I modified (ingame VFR Map improvement based on Little Navmap) and which update frequently. But I never had problems so far with standard MSFS aircrafts, even in several hours’ flights.

All this promises long hours of fun and that’s great!


Thank you, this is valuable information. We will try to find the issue.

Hi, I installed this mod, but the gauges are not working, they are black. I have fsx installed.

can you please check latest version? if it still a problem, then try to follow manual installation instructions

I’m a little confused. Should we edit the flight_model.cfg file with the values shown up above on this page, or have you made some changes in v0.5 and we should just leave the flight_model.cfg file alone?

no need to do anything. that information for anyone who interested in config changes, so they can easily find out which values was adjusted.

I am personally haven’t tried to troubleshot it yet, but some modders have a guess that MDL cockpit missing required by VR data (like additional viewpoint). So small chance exist that we still can fix it.

Hi ok great. Really eager to try this in VR, its amazing what you have done so far. If you require any testing do please let me know. Will be happy to help.

Hi brilliant work you are a star. Just one thing I downloaded ver 5 today but it would not work for me. Looks like you have taken it down. Keep it up
Cheers Rogetty

Hi! what issue exactly you have with 0.5, does it appear in main menu at all?

hi it did not appear in the main menu, i did notice that when i looked in the dg808s folder before starting msfs there were 2 json files, after launching msfs these files disappeared. so i have reinstalled v4. the other thing was that when i looked at the website this morning it said the v5 update was loaded today ? not 2 days ago
cheers rogetty

that is weird, maybe some files was not copied by installer correctly, or JSON generator was not able to update JSON files. strange that game removed them, it should not happen.
website uses caching so it may take 1-2 days for dates to be updated. I’ll replace it with normal date.

Hi Alex I redownloaded and installed , all good many thanks, one question I have is, you say it is set with engine running to simulate the tow, how do I get this to work. It just sits on the runway ? I have been using slew mode

If you start on the runway, engine should be running, if you have not removed fuel. If it does not work for you for some reason, try to press CTRL+E shortcut and wait about 30-60 seconds.

Огромное спасибо за хороший планер!
Версия v0.5 летает отлично!
Из пожеланий:
– запуск и выключение двигателя;
– сброс балласта;
– качественные ливреи в большом разрешении и добавить на них глянец (зеркальность).

Is the bug knwon when i fly fast with the plane it goes like after 150 knots it goes uncontroleable and goes in a few seconds to like 500 knots?

yes, such issue really happen, probably because of greatly decreased drag force – physics engine apply negative drag to the model so it speed up rapidly. we will try to solve it in next versions.

Версия 0.3 – работает хорошо! Мне нравится динамика!

Есть замечания по согласованию показаний:

Можно ли снизить потребление топлива на малом газе? Сейчас оно очень быстро расходуется когда я на земле и ещё не взлетал

Hi there,

Version 0.3 worked well. Thanks.
Couldn’t get previous version to work. Now I just have to figure out the weather settings for a good glide. Trying to Glide at Minden KMEV.

You can find it in secondary control surfaces, spoilers, you can assign a button for ON / OFF, or a slider for spoiler axis.

Thank you! DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S v0.2TEST – working well.
Perhaps it is worth increasing the roll rate by 1.5 times?

Okay, glad to hear. aileron_effectiveness was set to “2.0” in 0.3

Such happen because of JS errors, please try 0.3 – if it happen again, just let me know and we can try to figure it out.

It may happen because of some CFG files issues. Can you try latest 0.3 version update?

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