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1.1 Tab selector

Program features separated by tabs – each has its own save and load buttons, appearance parameters, control switches. Parameters of each tab do not affect each other in any way.

1.2 Preset SAVE

Send current smoke parameters for the selected aircraft to the server. You will have a dedicated record, which can be loaded anytime later by you or someone else (if the user has no preset saved yet). Copying  data from one aircraft model to another is not supported. Once the button is pressed, you will get a message about the result – a new record will be created (if you never saved data for this aircraft before) or an existing update.

1.3 Preset LOAD

Load smokes preset from the server. If you have saved smokes data for current aircraft before, this record will be loaded. Otherwise, parameters made by someone else will be loaded, if such a record exists.

1.4 Preset name

This value is optional and may help to restore your presets in case of MSFS reinstall. This value is private and visible only for tool creators.

1.5 Smoke source parameters copy

You can copy parameters of the selected smoke source (all except positions) to use it for another source.

1.6 Smoke source parameters paste

Button becomes available after you copy parameters of some (or same) smoke source. Once pressed, smoke appearance parameters will be applied to the selected smoke source

1.7 Smoke source parameters reset

Parameters and position of all smoke sources will be reset to default. If a smoke preset for current aircraft is injected into the program code, it will be loaded. Otherwise appearance parameters will be set in a neutral position.

1.8 Smoke valid appearance indicator

By default, it is set to VALID. If you experience any problems of current aircraft compatibility with AirshowAssistant (preset can’t be saved or loaded, source position adjustment does not work properly, wrong smoke appearance) you can toggle it to REPORT and press SAVE (1.2). We will collect such data and investigate possible issues for aircraft with most issues reported.

1.9 Smoke source indicators

Click on the smoke source which you wish to edit. Once selected, the border color will change to the blue. Circle background color is the same as relative smoke. Click on selected source to finish edit – appearance options and position indicator will disappear.

1.10 Smoke source position modifiers

When any smoke source is selected, arrows can be used to adjust longitudinal, lateral and vertical positions, and also pitch and heading angles. During adjustment you will see the smoke source indicator as a grey cylinder in the shape of an arrow, which points to the direction of the smoke trail. You can hold each of the buttons to move the source quickly, or press it once for precise positioning.

1.11 SMOKE ON master switch

Once toggled on, all active sources will start to generate smoke.

1.12 SHORT smoke

This type of smoke has high initial velocity, high density but low lifetime. It’s good for the high velocity aircraft, can be used together with Ribbon smoke effect to cover a bad looking appearance, or as such an effect as engine exhaust. It can’t be used together with TRAIL smoke.

1.13 RIBBON smoke

Most FPS friendly, but the worst looking effect. It appears as a partially transparent ribbon with a smoke texture, which does not look properly from certain angles or low speed maneuvers (like aerobatics).

1.14 TRAIL smoke

Very FPS consuming but good looking smoke effect. Unlike SHORT smoke, particles generated during aircraft movement, not continuously, make it less dense. Maximum lifetime is about 5 minutes, but do not forget about particles limit – 10,000 per effect. If you set maximum lifetime and minimum size at the same time you will exceed the limit and smoke will appear with intervals.

1.15 PYRO sparks generator

Visual effect suitable for night/evening air shows. Sparks do not react on color selector. May be used together with other smoke sources.


Controls the amount of time particles will stay visible. Maximum values for each:
SHORT 9 seconds
TRAIL 300 seconds
RIBBON 60 seconds
PYRO 10 seconds

As smoke trail changes visually during lifetime, this parameter will also affect others – like opacity (sprites will disappear earlier) and smoke spread (trail will become wider earlier).


Controls transparency of the smoke particles. Higher value will make smoke visually more dense.


Change initial velocity of the smoke particles. Ribbon and trail are affected less when aircraft move slowly, while others always have the same initial velocity all the time.


Higher value temporarily makes smoke lifetime less and size larger while aircraft fly with a high angle of attack, to simulate vortices. Does not affect ribbon or pyro effects.

1.20 SIZE

Controls particles size and appearance rate – larger particles appear with less interval. When smoke covers more screen space then more performance drop you will experience.


Makes the smoke tail wider. Same performance drop if smoke covers too much screen area.


Controls particle generation rate. Less value makes smoke less dense and small gaps may appear. With higher values you may reach particle limit so large intervals may appear.


Choose color for selected smoke source.


Will replace button labels with local var names. If you are an aircraft developer, you can use these L vars to toggle various tool features – like smoke master switch or separate switch for each smoke source. If you wish to have smoke/flare switches working in your favorite aircraft, please provide this information to the developer.

1.25 Hotkeys

You can attach aircraft events to the smoke buttons. Script will capture event change and toggle related features, when keyboard or joystick button pressed, or when replay tool is used which will toggle these events automatically.

List of available events (check MSFS controls settings to find actual hotkey): Light switches, Parking brake, Ballast valve (for custom ballast dump effect), Water rudder handle, Engine #1 Throttle lever (for engine exhaust effect). ATTENTION! Not every aircraft has all the light available, some light switches may work for one aircraft and do not for another.

Example how to configure Landing light hot key for SMOKE ON button:

  • Start the flight
  • Open controls settings
  • find Landing light hotkey for keyboard, default – Ctrl + L
  • Close settings, in AirshowAssistant window click on A icon near to SMOKE ON button, it became orange
  • Press Ctrl + L on keyboard, icon became green – event was captured
  • During flight press Ctrl + L once, it will toggle the smoke
  • To clear hotkey, click on the green A icon near SMOKE ON button
1.26 Scroll

You have several ways to scroll the window when content does not fit into the window:

  • Scroll bar drag (known issue – if you use gamepad, sometimes it’s not possible to drag the bar with circle cursor as system trying to resize the window instead)
  • Mouse wheel, while cursor inside of the window
  • Up and down arrows of the gamepad, while you have focus on the window (press A on any spot of the AirshowAssistant first, then scroll)
1.27 Disable smoke system



For aircraft developers

You may configure your aircraft to interact with tool by changing LVars with custom switches. Most important LVars are L:TC_AIRSHOW_SMOKE_MASTER and L:TC_AIRSHOW_DISPENSER_LAUNCH. Full list of variables you can find by toggling DEVELOPER MODE (1.24) – all the button labels will be changed to variable names, also list of variables will appear during preset save.

Example of the switch XML code, which toggles smoke:

<Component ID="SMOKE_SWITCH" Node="switch_smoke">
 <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Switch_Code">
  <ANIMTIP_0>Enable airshow smoke</ANIMTIP_0>
  <ANIMTIP_1>Disable airshow smoke</ANIMTIP_1> 


Full list of localvars:



AirshowAssistant v2.10.3

– wingmen limit increased to 11
– tooltips translation (you may need to uninstall marketplace version for translation to appear properly)
– wingmen formation positions improved

– wingmen wobbling fixed at 100% flight realism setting
– flares shot only by first 4 formation planes

AirshowAssistant v2.10.2

– tooltips

– settings tab: add or remove shadow simobject, developer mode, currently selected formation airplane pointer, tooltips

AirshowAssistant v2.10.0

– user interface improved

– max amount of wingmen increased to 7

– currently selected wingman visual indication

– flare glare texture replaced

– possibility to set “default” livery for current model (for better aircraft scan results)

Issues fixed:

– reset button unset selected preset value

– window can’t be scrolled by right joypad stick

– aircraft with similar model types may not appear in wingmen liveries list

AirshowAssistant v2.9.1

Issues fixed:

  • scrollbar is missing
  • preset load may not overwrite some previously used options (like water drop effects)
  • reset also disable smokes/flares if they were enabled
  • some aircraft liveries does not appear in the wingman list, will appear with time (1-2 weeks delay)
  • formation ACCURACY option cause formation shaking

AirshowAssistant v2.9.0


  • formation unstable behaviour during 90 degrees pitch up/down pass
  • effects shaking on aircraft with low CG while on the ground
  • some Wilga liveries does not appear in wingman aircraft list
  • gunfire effects appear on Aeroplane Heaven P-47D
  • possible fix for aircraft with special symbols in the title (like some of FlyingIron Spitfire liveries), need further testing


  • flare dispenser visible models M130 (NATO) and ASO2V (USSR)
  • aircraft models scan added (inaccurate)
  • liveries scan process speed increased twice
  • minor UI changes

AirshowAssistant v2.8.1

  • Non-realistic wingman flight model improved (REALISM slider lower than 50%)
  • heat blur and fire flame effects

AirshowAssistant v2.8.0

  • payload data applied to wingman (affecting visual attachments visibility)
  • fuel and payload values applied during flight, not only after insertion (can be disabled by PAYLOAD off button)
  • maximum formation  interval increased twice
  • wingman livery selection menu improved – now you only see installed liveries and aircraft
  • to add missing aircraft model, start the flight with it and open AirshowAssistant panel once
  • to add missing liveries, press SCAN near required aircraft and wait until it finished; it can be done once after new aircraft or liveries was installed or deinstalled

AirshowAssistant v2.7.1

Issues fixed:

  • red screen error if current aircraft has unknown livery
  • wingman light not triggered once it inserted
  • if current aircraft has unknown livery, such model does not appear in wingman liveries selector

New features:

  • bearing and stepdown sliders to adjust wingmen relative position to the leader

AirshowAssistant v2.7.0

– better wingman behaviour during takeoff and landing
– new visual effects: water spray and water drop

AirshowAssistant v2.6.1

  • wingman aircraft model selection

ATTENTION! Using different aircraft model than yours is not recommended as these aircraft will have various issues, like inaccurate exterior appearance (fuel tanks, weapons), inaccurate smoke and flares generators positions, wrong avionics animations, even game crash. When report issue, mention which aircraft you have used and which were used as a wingman.

  • smoke/flare/wingmen presets (up to 10 each)
  • smoke/flare/wingmen preset toggle hotkeys
  • data load will not affect smoke/flare master switch
  • if preset not exists, random user data will be loaded (you can load it many times to find best one for you)
  • wingmen livery/model hot replacement – inserted aircraft will persist old aircraft position and velocity
  • wingmen drops flares (toggleable for each from WINGMAN tab)

AirshowAssistant v2.5.0

– wingmen livery can be replaced during formation flight
– no internet connection required for selection of known livery for the wingman

AirshowAssistant v2.4.0

– new wingmen parameter “formation accuracy”
– fixed issue with wingmen avionics/engine update
– formation ground handling improved
– all existing liveries listed for selected aircraft

AirshowAssistant v2.3.0

– wingmen livery selector (BETA)
– pilot formation position selector

AirshowAssistant v2.2.0

– memory optimization
– formation accuracy improved

AirshowAssistant v2.1.0


– wingmen flaps animation

– aircraft variation name stored for future wingmen aircraft selector

– better log messages appearance

– additional buttons to toggle wingmen animations (engine, control surfaces, avionics) for possible FPS improvement

Issues fixed:

– inaccurate wingmen engine thrust control

– smoke gap appear for wingmen aircraft

– wingmen cause stuttering due to intensive data exchange

AirshowAssistant v2.0.0

Formation flying tab, up to 3 wingmen (same aircraft type/livery as yours).

AirshowAssistant v1.1.0

Issues fixed:

  • radar or collision awareness indication (smokes source invisible object not inserted until smoke is enabled)
  • critical performance drop while a lot of flares launched
  • red screen WASM error never disappear
  • dark flare sphere appear in front of glare texture
  • color picker overlaps with resize border of window
  • some smokes disappear at short distance
  • flares launch interval is too long
  • flares false hotkey launch while on ground

AirshowAssistant v1.0.0

Initial release

158 feedbacks on AirshowAssistant

Are you planning an option in the future to detach the AI planes from player, so we can practice following them? even if they only keep flying straight as they were fefore detaching?


I updated (2.10.1) today from the MSFS marketplace, regarding the WINGMAN, I don’t see -many- liveries of a model, even if I “scan”, I see few. Is there a particular reason?

Suggestion: Similar to how wingman appears when you click “Cover me”, is there a button can be introduced “Break Off / Go Home” which will get the wingman to break off and fly away to disappear? Just to add a bit more realism.

it was released for PC. Xbox users – due to WASM issue you need to wait for the next update cycle I am afraid.

Hello, Alex
I just bought the add on and it ain’t working. I’ve tried everything. Reinstalled add on support and even the add on itself and rebooted MSFS but nothing worked. I’ve been VERY excited for this add on but nothing is working. Do you have any ideas on how to deal with this?
Also, sorry for my English, it’s not my first language

any chance you are on SU15 BETA? as there is known issue with all WASM ad-ons, they said it will be fixed next time.

Thank you very much for all the beautiful efforts you have made so far. This is the best addon for flight simulator. When I tested it last night, I noticed a white arrow pointing at the aircrafts. Is it possible to remove this arrow before entering the flight simulator? Because every effort is made to make this flight simulator closer to reality. But the presence of this pointer during the flight suddenly turns the flight into a PlayStation game!

this arrow appears only after you open some of the wingman params – where smokes/flares can be toggled or livery/model selected. arrow disappears when you click on same wingman # again or close Airshow window completely. if it still stay visible in some case, let me know – that could be a bug.

PC or Xbox? If PC, marketplace version or from this website?

Many aircrafts are still not visible in my wingman selection list. Even though I used the add button, the number is still the same. What Is the reason? Is there a limitation on the number of aircraft types?

installed aircraft detection script is inaccurate because of sim limitations. if some aircraft is missing, start the flight with it and open Airshow toolbar window – it will be added.

I don’t know why my wingmans on DC F- 14, their wings are still open! But in the Rockwell B-1B plane, the wings open and close completely working well.

When you choose different aiplane types as wingman, often their custom avionics mismatch and not triggered same way as yours (or better to say not triggered and stay in default state). MSFS has no native wing sweep variable – some devs uses flaps, some – wing fold, others Lvar. This issue never will be fixed – that’s why it is not recommended to use different aircraft types for wingman, even if it technically possible.

But indiFox F-14 wingman dose same as yours . Maybe DC F-14 has some problems

it depends on which variables was used by aircraft animations code. if the same – then it will work. not really an issue but incompatibility which only aircraft developer may solve.

Hey alex I am trying to fly formation and I watched some vids and tryed to find the best settings for best formation flying. I see that the or ai piolet tends to go ahead of me leaving me behind know why?

when you have low FPS (less than 30) that may happen. consider it as issue which may be fixed in the future – I just need to improve wingmen velocity calculations

I got it in the marketplace but it’s not the same version… when will we be able to see it?

Alex, something I noted: My wingman (I usually fly only with one wingman, vintage/warbirds, low to lowest level) would sometimes wander right thru my airplane. From left to right and vice versa.
I think I have found the reason for that behaviour: it’s the transition from air to ground formation. My air formation is ‘combat’ and my ground formation is ‘box’. I usually leave my position as #1. Taking #2 does not help, it’s just vice versa. But choosing «trail» for ground formation helps. Then the transitioning wingman is not going thru my aircraft.
I assume you trigger «air» or «ground» from the height over ground? So when flying low level it may often change during flight.
I first thought of proposing taking the landing gear as trigger. But many vintage aircraft have a fixed gear.
Maybe you can think of some other solution? Maybe something like user «totheskies / kingpinair» suggested 10 days ago by pointing to the «Janes’s F/A-18» menu with commands like «tighten formation» or «break/change formation for landing»? Of course, the transition would still happen, but only when you actively trigger it.
I don’t consider this urgent. Place it low on the list. 😉

you are correct – aircraft with fixed gears has low altitude (<100m) as landing/takeoff trigger. commands menu sounds as an interesting but not very user friendly soluion, if it not integrated in base controls (like quick gamepad events). actually I just got an idea to intercept gears button press event as alternative formation type change trigger, it may work for aircraft with fixed gears. thanks for the heads up.

You suggest I’d bind local VARs ‘L:TC_AIRSHOW_WINGMEN_FORMATION’ and ‘L:TC_AIRSHOW_WINGMEN_GRFORMATION’ to my custom landing gear buttons? So in a fixed gear aircraft I’d still operate the landing gear, but only to change between air and ground formation?
I see the beauty in it, but there’s to many things in your XML example code that I do not understand. 🙁
Never mind, we can leave it as it is.

nope, I will add this workaround for fixed gears aircraft into WASM code

Alex, do you see a reason why on one system I see an «Add missing aircraft» button and not so on another system? They both use v2.9.0 on FS preview build
the only difference I see is the resolution of the monitor. I see the button on the monitor with higher res.

So strange. One says ‘SCAN’, the other ‘UPDATE’. But I have checked ‘manifest.json’, both say 2.9.0.
Maybe I go to install both again…

Forget it Alex, and SORRY. Due to a restore there was a remnant of my original marketplace installation. Everything okay now!

Just loaded 2.8.1 and tried out the got friends F4 Wildcat. The wingmen all had folded wings as we flew along and I could not find a way to unfold their wings.

Haha, I know such ‘flying bricks’ from the ‘ghost’ feature in FlightControlReplay that I used before we had the marvellous Airshow Assistant. But this was with the F6F. The Corsair also had such problems, but I could resolve them by first folding and then unfolding my own wings. The Wildcat was okay with the wings, but it shot from the guns ─ endlessly. I had to tweak the aircraft.cfg to get rid of that.
With AA and the F4F I have no problems, neither with 2.8.1 nor with 2.9.0. Sorry, that’s not a solution for you. But maybe encouring you to either try some more ─ or just wait.

I’m sure this will be worked out. I was concerned that I could not find something in the set-up that was right in front of me. I had better results with the payware F-86. This is terrific and kicks the sim up a few notches. Thanks for the answer and I’ll keep plugging along. Keep ’em flying!

as I know, GF aircraft uses light events for animations triggering – this way it should work properly for each wingman, as they mimic your lights switches. Ensure that AVIONICS button is not disabled in formations page (not red). You can try latest v2.9.0 as some related fixes were applied there as well. I will try it myself when I have a chance.

Alex, on another matter: in Wingmen section you changed the term ‘Wingmen controls simulation realism’ into ‘accuracy’ (I currently use latest v2.8.1). However, if accuray means how ‘accurate’ wingmen mimick my movements (100% accuracy meaning the famous ‘stick to me like glue’), then you also should have reversed the slider’s function (and adapt the manual). Because in the old version was ‘lower value will make repeat all your movements’.
Or am I wrong about this?

Indeed, manual require update. But I have not changed the label, but moved REALISM slider higher. The accuracy one predicts future formation position by your controls – pitch and bank, so wingmen will try change their position in advance. set to 100% and move stick left and right – you will see the difference.
Realism slider on other end turns on “unrealistic” velocity manipulations, which makes wingmen stay closer to their target position. At 0% it will be UFO flight model good for pictures, as they will stay close to you.

Oh yeah, now I seet he ‘Realism’ slider,it was there all the time! But if you allow me to throw in my 5ç: Why did you move it up? Out of a group that looks to me like a logical entity, name it maybe ‘Behaviour’. And on top is another logical entity containing number of wingmen, position, formation, bearing etc.
Now in the midst of that, we have ‘Realism’, a behaviour. If ‘Realism’ acted like a master switch for the settings below, I could find some common GUI logic. Also in the slider’s double length: more importance, more length. But so it seems somehow ‘lost’.
As I said, just my 5ç! I’d like to hear other opinons.

Correct, it is big and at the top as it fundamental – affects all the wingman properties at once. I will think about positioning it in more logical place, thank you.

Hi Alex. I know the wingmen type and livery feature is Beta, so no complaint, just FYI:
a) P-47D has some quirks, no canopy (or open), sometimes parts of the left leg stucks out. You may need to contact AH about it.
b) I have a 3rd party livery that won’t show up, even after a rescan. If I choose it for my own aircraft and just say ‘cover’ it appears correctly as wingman. But it doesn’t appear in the list. I tried whether integrating the livery addon into the original aircraft.cfg would change anything. Unfortunately not. It’s Jan Kees’ ‘The English Patient’ livery for the Tiger Moth (
c) Maybe you can elaborate (or write a little manual) how to insert/change avatars of wingmen. Some vintage aircraft come with their own avatars, but we also have GotFriends’ WW2 ‘avitars’ addon with some extensions. And finally there’s even GotFriends’s free ‘Best Friends’ addon bringing dogs and cats into the seat in front of you (and maybe as passenger of your wingman)…

a) I can confirm this aircraft has LODs issues – level of detail models are not prepared properly, aircraft developer should fix it on their end
b) Issues with some special symbols in the title discovered lately (like ‘), it’s a bit complicated so not fixed yet. Also some improvements were made in latest update, please check in case it fixes your problem. When you have problem with some livery check it’s TITLE value in aircraft.cfg – that value used by simconnect to insert the AI airplane.
c) I am not sure it is possible but will do some tests. At least we can request Asobo developers to add such possibility.

Wrt b)
I had tried everything with renaming ‘title’ and texture folder with single words no space no anything names, but it wouldn’t work. Then appeared v.2.9.0 ─ and I found aircraft and specfic texture was on the list!
I cannot stress enough how incredibly good your support and speed of development are! And that’s for an already incredibly good and feature rich tool. Selling for a ridiculous low price. Wingmen improve my flying experience, especially in warbirds, on such a big scale, you could ask any price. THANKS!

Im on xbox and It won’t let me download past v2.5.0 and keeps displaying the red screen and no matter what I do it wont let me use it. I even updated and reinstalled msfs

Please ensure you have installed Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-ons support module from Store, it’s free. If installed, it is the latest version.

Sad to hear, but none of our Xbox tester has such issue if everything done properly. You can try next update (2.9.0) when its out.
Do you have other WASM add-ons installed? Are they working properly?

how to use DEMO version? I have already bought it. Now how can I use its Latest update demo?

Same for me. Due to the fast pace of updates I use the latest demo builds. I have no problems with just puting the extracted files into community folder. I actually use Addons Linker.

unpack archive content into community folder, it will be used instead of Marketplace version. do not forget to remove it when Marketplace version will be updated.

Fixed in v2.8.1 (will be released in Marketplace next week)

it works for the f16, but not the f15 or av8b harrier. the f4 shows external tanks but i cant disable them if i wanted to.

A suggestion / idea:

To make this more immersive, especially for wingman feature – is there a possibility of introducing a ‘radio command’ menu. See images attached. For example, currently we use the ASA menu slider to change the formation or adjust the internal between aircrafts. Wondering a ‘radio command’ menu can be implemented which directs the same activity in the background. So, if select ‘Trail’ formation in radio command, the slider gets moved to “Trail” formation or if selecting “loosen current formation”, the “Flighting formation interval” slider increases.

Had used this feature on a old game called Jane’s F/A-18, which was a excellent sim that allowed command of wingman and also entire flight of 4 aircrafts. Additional details here –

Just a suggestion, would be very cool if implemented as it will take immersion to a new level! Thank you!

Absolutely ingenious add-on. One of my favorites in MSFS!

2 questions / requests:

1. Is it possible to save the configurations for wingman formation, so that you don’t have to adjust it each time AS loads in MSFS?

2. On Helicopter AI traffic, recently seen this GAMOD which introduces Heli AI traffic in MSFS – Would something similar to help here to have helos as wingman?

Thank you again for this amazing add-on and continuous updates!

1. You have 10 presets per aircraft model (not livery) and SAVE/LOAD buttons. Save different configurations as individual preset, then load them anytime. Internet connection required as data stored on the web server.
2. They have used scenery editor to insert helicopters. While ASA uses Simconnect to insert them dynamically, during flight. Due to simconnect bug they does not appear, you can find some details in this topic
The only known exception is Volocopter as it airplane with custom flight model. You can notice that formation script works quite well with hovering aircraft so we just waiting when this MSFS issue will be fixed.

Thanks for the reply and explanation! Fingers crossed helicopters can be supported soon. Yes, saw the halo gunship also works well.

Hi there, I just purchased your app through MSFS Marketplace (v.2.50). I tried to get updates by uninstalling and reinstall. It still says v.2.50. How do I get the latest update apply in MSFS? Thanks!

Marketplace updates are ~2 weeks late because of the additional tests they should pass before release. If you are on PC, you can download demo version from this page and unpack it into Community folder, it will have all the features available. However, latest versions may contain issues or unstable behaviour, so it is recommended to wait for Marketplace updates.

Bought and installed the mod from Marketplace (PC) yesterday, and only had time to do a quick flight to check it out. Looked awesome!
But when I try today I get the red “WASM script is not running” error. Tried both restarting and reinstalling the mod, but the error is still there.
It says I have the 2.5.0 version. Any tips on how to get the newest version on Marketplace? Or even how to install the newest one from here?

you can download demo version from this page and unpack it into Community folder, it will have all the features available. do not forget to remove it when new Marketplace update is out.

Thanks for replying!

Downloaded and installed the 2.7.1 demo (see picture). But I still get the red WASM-script error.

please name the aircraft model and livery you have. Also try some default plane just to ensure it not related with custom livery issue.

thanks for updates
have a happy easter week-end !


how do you fix the red screen. i restarted my game like 1million times and not going away (im on PC)

I downloaded the recent updates of airshow assistant and the wingmen behaviours during a loop or a barrel roll are much better than the last time but they are still going to have weird behaviour especially at the top of the maneuvers (it’s difficult for them to maintain their position). Will the flight model continue to be improved especially for acrobatics in team ?
Thanks for the answer and again all the work done is impressive congrats !
Have a nice day !


I haven’t tried to fix loop issue yet but will, probably for the next update

2.6.0 compiled with SU15(beta) SDK so makes sense that WASM does not work properly in stable version. I’ve uploaded 2.6.1 package special for stable version.


How nice it would be if we could choose another type of airplane for Wing Man, for example, 3 different airplane models together, F-14 , F-4 F-5 , F-18 or other different models

Thank you so much for making this tool, been looking for something like this for ages for flying with wingmen!

My only complaint so far is that it currently does not seem to detect any add-on liveries, just the ones that came with the aircraft.

Apart from that, a great utility to have!

Simulator does not provide any simple way to get list of installed liveries so we have no other choice but capture them one by one.

To add missing livery in the list: start the flight with the required livery selected, open AirshowAssistant toolbar and you will see message in left bottom corner of the aircraft picture – “aircraft model/type” with current aircraft model name. With next update livery will appear in the list. Later this process will be simplified so new livery will appear immediately.

Thank you for the info Alex!

Also, not sure if fixable too, but when using aircraft like the Indiafoxtecho F-35C where one model “falls back” to anouther, it will populate the list with (possibly incompatible) liveries from the A and B models too.

Again thanks for making this addon!

When I put weapons or external fuel tanks on my aircraft in the payload menu the wingmen don’t carry the same payload and only have the clean configuration.

Exterior appearance depends on the way how it coded by aircraft developer. Mostly common ways used by developers – link fuel tanks/weapons appearance with light switches or local variables. Both supported by AirshowAssistant v2.5.0 and later, but if have you found aircraft which does not uses either of the way please mention the name so I can test it.

The DC Designs F4 Phantom for example. Weapons and external fuel tanks only appear when I add certain values in the payload menu. Pretty much any aircraft that require values to be added in the payload menu in order for weapons and external fuel tanks to appear do not show up on my wingmen.

indeed, payload values not passed to the wingman. I will check this possibility.

I use Airshow Assistent for the Wingmen feature exclusively . But even so I think it has a ridiculous low price for what it offers. I hope you can make up by the numbers you sell!. However, I’ve noted something that should be improved. After landing of my finger-four or diamond formation my wingmen may fly/float several meters above runway and only with my final halt slowly float to ground. The reason may be ‘flight realism’ or ‘reaction delay’ settings (which I have around default). You should probably automatically switch on/off some filters/settings depending whether my aircraft (not necessarily the leader!) is on ground or airborne?

landing and taking off issues are known and will be fixed

can someone explain or give the link to a clear tutorial to be able to change the wingmen’s livery? I systematically have the same livery, and the others are grayed out in the list and I cannot change
Same, I have a problem with the registration number of the wingmen which appears in a big white rectangle
I specify that I have the paid marketplace version and that I tested the demo version of this site, same problem for both

I have the same issue. However, when I click on white liveries my wingmen show different liveries from my own! From a note of an earlier update I assume that adding liveries is a manual job and they were/are behind schedule. But the interface is definitely something that can be improved.
What concerns the registration number: I noted the same issue (empty white rectangle) in the ‘Ghost’ feature of FlightControlReplay (another but much simpler and more expensive ‘wingman’ tool), so it may be another hardcoded Asobo ‘feature’?

You can try to use some of the gray liveries in case they are installed but never used by you together with AirshowAssistant yet. That is not a bug but simulator limitation – it does not provide reliable way to get list of installed liveries, so you see list of all liveries ever created for current aircraft.

Same problem with registration number – that is simulator issue which we are, as 3rd party developers, can’t fix. It was reported to Asobo developers and may be fixed some day.

I open it and the wasm pops up and I can’t get rid of it. I’ve tried everything including removing it from quick resume and I’ve also uninstalled it then reinstalled it but it just won’t work. Please can you fix the problem

If you are on the Xbox, this tool require latest MSFS Add-ons support module installed from the Store (you can find instructions above). This is not a bug but sim requirement for all WASM add-ons.

Is there any way to fix the wingman and player landing gear not being retracted and lowered, and the external lights not syncing with the player? to update to version 2.5.0

It was fixed in v2.5.0, you may need to restart the sim properly – by removing it from Quick resume manually. Both lights and gears will work properly then, also livery selection.

Why can’t the wingman’s external lights come on? The wingman wheels won’t be stowed away after takeoff?

Would like for my wingman to turn on their NAV, Strobe, Taxi and landing lights when I do. Please work on that.

please ensure you have v2.4.0 or later, as this issue was fixed already. if it still persist for you, mention for which aircraft it happen.

I have bought this but cant find it on the toolbar how do i do this so that i can start using this please.

Go to the cog wheel on the toolbar press on it and enable airshow assistant.

If possible, I think a good idea would be to make a customizable ground and flight formation with X, Y, and Z options to place the wingmen.

Oh also i see y’all’ve added a new update and when i go and try to update it, it doesn’t pop up in my update available section. its uh v.2.2 right?

Maybe AirshowAssistant toolbar is hidden? you can check it in the CUSTOM TOOLBAR section (gear icon toolbar), AIRSHOW ASSISTANT should be toggled on

Hello this is an awesome add on and updates are amazing but could you please improve the accuracy of formations ? For exemple when i am doing a barrel roll with a wingman or wingmen it starts good but when i arrive at the top while we are rolling all the planes start to get confused and do weird behaviors could you please fix this ?
Thank you for the answer.
Have a nice day !


AI flight model math still in development so you can expect further improvements

I’ve had bought the asa and it says WASAM script isn’t working I’ve tried to restart my Xbox my flight sim I uninstalled my flight sim and I tried to uninstall and reinstall my add on support it’s all up to date but it’s just not worked. I’ve tried with alot of aircraft I’ve also uninstalled aircraft with the WASAM script and its not worked since December I’ve also tried to uninstall and reinstall asa but its not worked.

It does not rely on aircraft so toolbar should work in any case. Crucial to have latest Add-on support version installed, also I’ve heard that working internet connection is required for WASM add-ons but I never experienced such issue.
This toolbar carefully tested by developers and testers on Xbox before each update and 100% working, so some issue exists on your end. You can submit issue at and mention TouchingCloud as add-on creator, Asobo developers will contact us if necessary.

Already added to v2.3.0. (will be released in MSFS marketplace next week)

thanks for your answer 🙂 great news !
it’s sooooo long with marketplace ^^

I’ve tried the things the in the tutorial and yet it still won’t work on on the Series S Like ever without everything installed just the wasm script add on and I’ve tried it without the marketplace stuff i have and it still doesn’t work and i don’t know why.

Can you please ensure the Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-ons support is installed in the Store?
Also, do you have other WASM-related add-ons, like F-22 Raptor maybe?

Yeah i have the top Mach studios f-22A and also the f-35 by IFE and they both work. Just a quick description of whats happening, it doesn’t pop on the toolbar at all

Thank you for the very fun mod.
I would be happy if I could move the wingman in front of me so I could see it from the cockpit.
It’s also nice to be able to save the wingman’s position.
But it’s still fun, thank you very much.

Thank you for the update.
I placed my wingman in a position where it was easy to see and it became even more fun.
There were some changes in v2.3.0, smoke and folding wings (assigned to the light key), and the tail hook (CTRL+H key) remained visible.
Also, the Mach cone effect continues to be displayed.
In previous versions I was able to hide it by pressing the key.
However, these problems only appear with some add-on aircraft data.
Thank you very much.

Smoke, folding wings, etc. were all fixed in V2.4.0.
Thank you for the update.

There was a false positive in Windows Defender when downloading.
All were undetected by VirusTotal.

in last update a long list of liveries were injected into the script (6k records). looks like defender read some combinations of words as a threat, but I am not sure.

As others have stated. I have removed from quick start. Ensured I have the add on support installed and the game fully updated. I have restated the console and the game several times. I am still confronted with the red box. I’m gaming on a series S. I cant get it to work at all.

Got to work by doing all the steps listed followed by a fresh install of the content. Now works very well

I am slower than my wingmen and am always falling behind on 100% throttle, I don’t know why and its on every plane I use

that is known bug, planned to be fixed in one of the next updates

Very good update for flying in formation.
Would it be possible to make (even Payware) an Addon that would allow you to fly alone in formation (but choose different planes and their livery in your community)?
Example: Choose the 1st plane A with a livery B, choose a 2nd plane C with a livery C, etc.

Could you not change your live aircraft once the formation has been initiated?

This feature planned to be added in one of the next update. Not only liveries, but aircraft models.

Find SMOKE ON! button, it has A icon to the right. Click it, then press some of supported buttons (like Taxi Light), button will turn green.

there is a button in the top right corner (under tab labels)

Hello. I’m on PC and when I load in any amount of Wingmen, it works for about 1 minute until it starts freezing every second, then unfreezes, and keeps doing that. Also, I haven’t been able to bind any keys because it’s not letting me click on them.

Please try latest version, performance improvement were made.

As for hotkeys – so when you click on the A icon, it not changes to orange color and no message appear about hotkeys configuration?

I am looking for a tutorial on how to activate Formation in the AirshowAssistant on Xbox X.

I cannot activate it for some reason I can’t find any fixes for it

Can I turn flare on with the other keys as the nav light or beacon light?
i want to code it to work it as well.
Let me know what part it is for Launch flare button?

You can link any light key with flare button – just click A icon near to LAUNCH FLARES button, press light key, icon will turned green. Once light key pressed, flares launch will happen.

So I’ve been patient, I’ve restarted a ton of times. I’ve even went as far as deleting and reinstalling the game to no appeal. I really like the concept but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Hi! Just in case you still haven’t solved issue – the only reason left is outdated or not installed Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-ons support module. Once it installed/updated, toolbar will work properly. Check the bottom of the description for details.

I bought the Airshow add on for Xbox X and even after I reset the game and the console 1 million times, it still had the red box saying the script isn’t running. What do I do?

Hi! Please ensure you have not just restarted console, but removed the game from Quick Resume – it is crucial step. You can find instructions above.
Another question – do you have other addons with WASM script used? F-35 by IFE maybe, or Miltech carriers with working crew. Do they work properly?

Yes, I have indeed restarted the console, and made sure to remove it from quick resume. I also unfortunately don’t have any of the other add ons.

I still wasn’t able to replicate issue so only can guess. Some related changes will be available with next week update.

By the way, I have heard that WASM scripts does not work on Xbox without internet (which is ridiculous) but worth to mention.

This addon does not work on the series s, I just purchased it and followed a tutorial and even read this page still does not work!

Hello. This add-on works on Xbox Series S, we are testing each update before release. Please describe what exactly happen. You can attach images (photo of the screen is fine).

I really like the concept of this, however unless I plan to use it for a specific flight, I have to uninstall it and reinstall it as necessary. Running it all the time causes a “ghost” aircraft to appear on my ADS-B directly under my aircraft. The flares appear as targets, which is cool, but even when no flares have been deployed I get a constant traffic alert.

Some fixes to FPS drop would be nice, and the ability to disarm the utility- like a master arm switch- and not have to get a traffic alert would get a much higher rating from me.

Yes, we are aware about issue – it happen because smokes parent is in fact invisible aircraft object, which follows you all the time. Originally I have tried to use vehicle object, but this type has limitations which doesn’t make it suitable for such need. I will make another try to change object type, if still no result – master switch will be a good workaround (and simple technically).

Some FPS improvements will be available in next update (early Jan), and maybe later as well – effects logic ended as quite complicated with all these parameters and require optimizations.

Ive just bought the airshow assistant and it doesnt work. It just comes up red when i select it. Ive quit the game multiple times but i just doesnt work. Im on xbox series x

Hello. Please ensure you have really quit the game – above you can find instruction with required steps. Main sign that game is restarted – during load you will see loading bar, there is no QUICK RESUME label in top right corner, loading take 1-2 minutes instead of 5-10 seconds. This is required because add-on contains WASM script.

This add-on was carefully tested on Xbox S|X and we haven’t found any issues. Please ensure you have restarted your game, if it still happens – you can try to reinstall add-on.

Do you have any other MSFS add-ons with WASM script used? Like TopMach F-22, FSReborn Sting S4.
If they do work properly, and you are 100% sure that game is restarted properly, I have no other clues how it can be fixed. You may ask refund in MSFS Marketplace due to compatibility issue with your installation, or wait for further updates – in case this issue will be discovered and fixed.

Its works sometimes I’ve noticed. Sometimes it doesnt and sometimes it does but mostly it doesnt

I have another guess – can you please start the flight in the middle of the ocean and check how tool will react – is there error message appear or not.
I have a feeling that Xbox has some objects limiter that does not allow to insert custom objects (which is necessary for program to work). My test account does not contain any complex 3rd party add-ons so I never seen such issue.

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