Air Creation ultralight update!

This week we have decided to spent some time on one personal freeware add-on – Air Creation 582SL. This trike was originally a convert of FSX aircraft (developed by Microsoft), but now it became completely native MSFS plane! So you will get working VR, clickable switches (well, not much in this case) and shiny materials (a lot of shininess!). It still uses same low poly model and simple textures (even after AI upscale) but even so it looks great in the beautiful MSFS environment.

Not much flight model improvements, but maybe next time it will get weight shift controls simulation so you can experience total immersion.

Get it for free and ready to take off!


DG808S upgrade report!

We almost finished with textures replacement, fixing interactive elements animation and make them clickable. Thanks to David Fairhurst‘s artist skills we’ve got an incredible level of gauge details. No advanced materials or geometry added yet, so you can expect it will be even twice better in the end.

Made by Ian Lewis precise TE and netto calculations helps to catch the wind and stay airborne as long as possible. Currently, default navigation screen used, but in the future it will be replaced with custom code.

Smooth flight model of Michael Rossi, which we have enjoyed many months since MSFS release, improved by ANRI so it get realistic stall and overspeed simulation.

We have several major issues left to fix and then will pass properly working glider to the testers group, just to find out which problems we have missed and get some feedback. Quite soon new testing version will become public available. Stay tuned!


New ALBATROSS competition – Monaco!

This weekend we propose to join our new gliding competition – Race 133 MONACO. 133 kilometers route in-between Italy and France with beautiful views and salt breeze. Use ridge lift and hot spots wisely to make the best time!

New ALBATROSS version was released as well. This time we introduce competitors’ ghosts – if someone has already completed a task, you can choose up to three records so they will start the race along you. This feature is still in development, so you can experience various issues – like rough animation, unstable glider speed, or even losing connection with the game. To solve the last one try to set a lower frequency moving green slider to the left.


Kinetic Assistant and ALBATROSS minor update

Mostly minor Kinetic issues are fixed – vertical wind indication improved, hotkeys works again, thermal circle no longer disappear when you just reached it.

Tow plane issue when it does not gain altitude during take off still happen, as it related with AI trying to control ghost plane. As workaround, program “teleport” towplane higher so it starting to lift after that.

Some limitations added into ALBATROSS – you are no longer able to change sim rate (time acceleration/deceleration) or change ballast weight during race. However, you still can do it in training mode.


Mutual update of Kinetic Assistant and ALBATROSS

New updates available for our programs – Kinetic Assistant (0.9.1) and ALBATROSS (0.5). Most improvements in replay functionality was made this time. Now you can use manually created track files for the tow plane, so no more weird AI behavior. More various routes will be added soon. You still can enable ATC controlled tow plane in options, but prepare for troubles as it does not work properly on many airfields.

If competition contain tow plane track (currently Race 100 LOIJ and Race 159 EDFY), to start towing process just open Aerotow tab, press AI TOW button and prepare for takeoff.

You can test out recording/replay functionality, but it is very unfinished at the moment – you can’t perform some aerobatics and expect the program to play it properly. Further improvements will be applied soon, but our first goal – to make the plane follow proper route – is reached.


Be ready for our next 100km race!

We are ready to introduce new gliding competition  – short range race in the skies of Central Eastern Alps. Home airfield – LOIJ Sankt Johann Airport based in Austria, well-known glider airfield nestles in an open valley basin in the Kitzbühel Alps.

100 kilometers long route, 10 knots S-E wind, lower clouds layer at 8000ft. Wonderful views and perfect weather will make this trip truly enjoyable. Unfortunately, we haven’t finished all planned ALBATROSS features, but a new version will be released tomorrow anyway.

See you in the air!


TouchingCloud on Discord!

Looks like time comes – we have created a Discord server. We spent a lot of time to keep discussion with all our testers and users as everyone has own preferable way to communicate, so we propose to get together on Discord:
Several purposes for this server – we can publish testing updates privately and you will be able to get notifications quickly, and also provide feedback easily. If you are just flying, you can contact other pilots in text or voice channels created for each of our competitions.
You will continue to receive website news and updates, but Discord proved to be the best way to communicate with players around the world, especially when competition happens.

If you have a Discord account, just follow this link and let me know that you are willing to get access to the testing discussion channel.

If you have no Discord, you can create an account at and use a web client.

See you online!

New ALBATROSS with something special

We have started to work on a new feature of Kinetic Assistant and ALBATROSSGhost Replay. It is quite a special feature for MSFS – unlike other replay tools, it does affect not your aircraft but insert and animate AI aircraft instead.

First and simplest usage of it – animate the tow plane so it will follow recorded route instead of pulling your glider into the bushes. Please read the latest ALBATROSS version about how to make it work. Leave a comment if you know a better way how it can be used.

Record/play buttons are also available but they are poorly tested, so we not recommend to use them, but you still can try. By any cost don’t use these buttons during competition (recording happens automatically).

Now bad news. We experience various freezes during the competition. In my case I have a slideshow started right after I reach start gates. First thought – something is wrong with ALBATROSS, but step by step it became clear that issue in the game itself – even without any SimConnect programs running and empty Community folder, it is still doing it. It may happen on the first waypoint, or last, so we have not found any clear reason. Let us know if you will find any dependency.

Happy gliding! If MSFS will allow you..


New Kinetic version with many fixes and improvements

Next update took a little longer than expected, but looks like most issues were finally eliminated. Most important change is the nav screen – now it’s much easier to search for thermals, attach tow rope to near planes or read the wind.

NMEA and XCSoar data export option unlocked, still experimental so feel free to report about issues.

AI towplane behavior improved – now it does not follow North right after take off, and also holds selected airspeed. Some improvements are still in plans but it became usable already, just ensure that you are pointing in the right direction.

If you have a problem with dramatic performance drop – you can decrease data exchange frequency, not a solution but temporary workaround until required optimization steps will be applied.

Check out a new video about glider towing – this one for tow plane pilots, especially the ones that do not have a clue that gliders exist in MSFS 🙂


Next weekend competition and ALBATROSS update

We are ready for the new gliding competition – Race 250 LSZE!

250 kilometers long task in Swiss Alps a good challenge for the brave glider pilots. 20 knot S-E wind, 25 Celsius degrees ground level temperature and 9 000ft clouds will help you to stay airborne for a long time.

Please update ALBATROSS to the latest version as we are applying changes continuously. In the new version “nav screen” was introduced in its early form, not very fancy but still useful for points rounding or thermals searching.