DG808S v1.3 update

BIG UPDATE! 3 years long project DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S glider is still alive. In v1.3.0 you will get upgraded interior and exterior textures, improved flight model, all gliding modern features available (except FLARM, will be added soon as well).
Still FREEWARE, so for PC users only. Have fun!

AirshowAssistant v2.6.0 is ready for testing!

AirshowAssistant v2.6.0 available for PC users to test. List of changes:
– wingman aircraft model selection
– smokes/flare/wingmen presets (up to 10 each)
– smoke/flare/wingmen preset toggle hotkeys
– data load will not affect smoke/flare master switch
– if preset not exists, random user data will be loaded (you can load it many times to find best one for you)
– wingmen livery/model hot replacement – inserted aircraft will persist old aircraft position and velocity
– wingmen drops flares (toggleable for each from WINGMAN tab)
Add-on compiled with latest SU15 SDK and may not work properly on stable MSFS version!
For those, who purchased add-on in the MSFS marketplace, we are waiting MS managers to allow SU15 updates submission 😞



AirshowAssistant memory usage fix

Attention, pilots! We have got several reports that AirshowAssistant affects MSFS performance, level of details specifically, even when toolbar features are not used. After short investigation we have discovered that the WASM module consumes much more memory than it should (not critical but a significant amount to cause such issues). Problem was in the project sample configuration included in the SDK (developer toolbox), which we used as a template. We will release a quick fix next week which, I hope, will solve the issue.

While we just started to collect aircraft models and livery names, we are not ready to include the aircraft selector into the Wingmen tab, so next time.

My apology for the problems or negative experience our tool caused.


AirshowAssistant v.2.1.0 is out!

You can consider it as stable, so it will be posted to MS team for next week marketplace release.


– wingmen flaps animation

– aircraft variation name stored for future wingmen aircraft selector

– better log messages appearance

– additional buttons to toggle wingmen animations (engine, control surfaces, avionics) for possible FPS improvement

Issues fixed:

– inaccurate wingmen engine thrust control

– smoke gap appear for wingmen aircraft

– wingmen cause stuttering due to intensive data exchange

Get AirshowAssistant now!



AirshowAssistant v2.0 is ready!

You are able now to spawn up to 3 wingmen (same aircraft model/livery due to SDK issue). Separate formation and interval selectors both for flying and landing/take off procedures. Adjustable wingmen behaviour – latency, accuracy, acceleration and manoeuvrability controls.

Same smoke applied to each formation plane, as smokes system not designed for individual adjustments. Flares applied only to a main aircraft but will be added or others as well in further updates.

We are planning to add presets system for each tab – smokes, flares and formations. You will be able to make a collection of config presets, order them properly, and then jump from one to another by a hotkey during flight for ultimate air show experience.

PC users –

PC/Xbox Marketplace – 29.02.2024


New MSFS tool is out – AirshowAssistant!

Elevate your virtual flying experience with the AirshowAssistant, an immersive add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This comprehensive tool allows you to perform breathtaking airshows with any aircraft available in your simulator, adding a new dimension of excitement and realism to your gameplay.

Key Features:

1. Aerobatic Smokes and Flares: Create stunning visual displays in the sky with the inclusion of aerobatic smokes and flares. Showcase your flying skills and dazzle onlookers with a variety of maneuvers enhanced by colorful and dynamic effects.

2. Customizable Smoke Sources: Gain complete control over your aerial displays with the ability to manually set the position of smoke generators and flare dispensers on your aircraft. Tailor each performance to your exact specifications and preferences.

3. Adjustable smoke trails properties: Personalize your aerobatic shows even further by adjusting the color, density, width, and trail length of the smoke. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant displays or subtle and intricate patterns, the choice is yours.

4. Compatibility with All Aircraft: Unleash your creativity with the freedom to perform airshows with any MSFS aircraft. From nimble stunt planes to massive airliners, transform any flight into a spectacular performance.

5. User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a seamless and intuitive user experience with a straightforward interface that makes setting up and executing your airshows a breeze. You can save and load your own presets, or share them with others.

6. Realistic Visual Effects: Immerse yourself in the action with high-quality visual effects which react to the environment conditions – turbulence and wind. Experience the thrill of the airshow with every loop, roll, and spin.

Whether youre a seasoned virtual pilot or new to flight simulation, the AirshowAssistant offers endless possibilities for entertainment and skill development. Soar to new heights, leave your mark in the virtual skies, and make every flight an event to remember!

DISCLAIMER! This tool does not support any kind of multiplayer activities. You will not see smokes and flares, created by other players, same as they will not see yours smokes and flares.

Available in MSFS marketplace ($4.99) or on our website (for free). Have fun!


KA-10M v2 release! Now with aircraft carrier group

Good news for everyone who loves helicopters, retro aircraft, or something weird to fly. We just finished important stage of Ka-10M helicopter development. It get native flight model and engine simulation, and also moving aircraft carrier group to train your landing skills. And, as usually, it fully compatible with VR which makes it perfect sight seeing aircraft – no borders between you and the whole world.
You can purchase latest version on the SimMarket…
New update will appear in MSFS marketplace approximately 15 Dec, if no delay with testing will happen. Right now there older version available with custom flight model and without carrier included.

KineticAssistant v0.17 – fixes and new features

New update for Kinetic Assistant v0.17.3.0

– New world map icons: airliner, rotorcraft, vehicle, boat
– world map icons filtering by selected type on EVENTS tab
– icons color logic changed – it does not rely on the server now, only on aircraft
– XCSoar issues fixed: 0 heading value, wrong wind angle
– XCSoar port can be set manually (NMEA tab)
– System folder OPEN button for quick access (Settings tab)
– towplane taxi on the runway before takeoff (if Realistic Restrictions checkbox ticked)
– world map mouse buttons swapped (left – drag, right – set teleport marker)
– event name added to world map aircraft info window (if competition is active)
– dedicated sounds for turn points passing notifications (start, turnpoint, final, finish)
– decreased chances of active pause false detection during competition

Freeware version
Payware version


Bell Nexus – alternative way to explore the world

The Bell Nexus is a autonomous electric air taxi concept (known as an eVTOL). It is designed to take off and land vertically – six tilting electric ducts provide lifting power for quick takeoff, and nimble flight.

This add-on is tiny mod of Pelican hovering aircraft, an attempt to bring something more suitable for MSFS concept of realistic simulator. Only exterior model was replaced, it still has Pelican’s cockpit as Nexus cockpit contains of only two screens which is extremely boring. Aircraft scaled up about 50% to fit Pelican cockpit.

This is freeware add-on and available on


JW1 in MSFS marketplace!

Our jet wing finally got to the ingame marketplace! We hope even more people will find out about such a mad way of MSFS world exploration and will be able to experience ultimate freedom.

Sadly, JW1 did not pass XBOX compatibility validation because of the huge amount of custom WASM scripts. I can’t see it being possible to remove such code without harm to the aircraft functionality, so the only choice we have is to wait until Asobo/Microsoft will improve MSFS versions compatibility.

Feel free to report issues or propose new features – we are still working on it and with time it will become even better.