New project – DG-808S glider upgrade

I wish to announce new project started by Michael Rossi, with my assistance.

Flight model of this Legacy aircraft greatly improved – AIR data imported, drag and lift variables adjusted to make its performance closer to reality.

Most gauges works, in future they also will be improved, both visuals and precision.

Automatic installer supports two installation types – new import from Flight Simulator X (it should be installed), or update of already imported aircraft (if you have no DG-808S yet, check Links header menu item).

Fell free to report about any issues, even if this is not some serious project, we will try to make it as better as possible.


New website just was born

Hey, everyone! I’m Alex, currently doing some development stuff for MSFS, and I have decided to publish all my releases on stand alone website from now.

It will give me some freedom with the way how to style my releases, and also provide effective way to sell payware products, if any will appear.

Currently only two sections available – Mods and Tools, also I will post some details about updates in News section. Feel free to ask  a question if you have any, no registration required.