AirshowAssistant v2.6.0 is ready for testing!

AirshowAssistant v2.6.0 available for PC users to test. List of changes:
– wingman aircraft model selection
– smokes/flare/wingmen presets (up to 10 each)
– smoke/flare/wingmen preset toggle hotkeys
– data load will not affect smoke/flare master switch
– if preset not exists, random user data will be loaded (you can load it many times to find best one for you)
– wingmen livery/model hot replacement – inserted aircraft will persist old aircraft position and velocity
– wingmen drops flares (toggleable for each from WINGMAN tab)
Add-on compiled with latest SU15 SDK and may not work properly on stable MSFS version!
For those, who purchased add-on in the MSFS marketplace, we are waiting MS managers to allow SU15 updates submission 😞


9 feedbacks on AirshowAssistant v2.6.0 is ready for testing!

I have update on Marketplace, however I dont know what should I do to see different planes as Wingmans. All planes (rest) are marked as UPDATE. Is it any manual for this to read something what should I do?

Hello, I wrote @ to You about issue with “water rudder” (model AH P-47 MSFS), did you know the solution? The software (Marketplace version) conflicts with a function on this model (guns = water rudder).

I have experienced it as well, and was able to add workaround (available in 2.9.0, will be in marketplace this week I hope)

Thank You 🙂 ! Btw. Interestingly, I also bought your Kinetic Assistant some time ago, I didn’t even know it was your software :DDDD !!!

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