New MSFS tool is out – AirshowAssistant!

Elevate your virtual flying experience with the AirshowAssistant, an immersive add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This comprehensive tool allows you to perform breathtaking airshows with any aircraft available in your simulator, adding a new dimension of excitement and realism to your gameplay.

Key Features:

1. Aerobatic Smokes and Flares: Create stunning visual displays in the sky with the inclusion of aerobatic smokes and flares. Showcase your flying skills and dazzle onlookers with a variety of maneuvers enhanced by colorful and dynamic effects.

2. Customizable Smoke Sources: Gain complete control over your aerial displays with the ability to manually set the position of smoke generators and flare dispensers on your aircraft. Tailor each performance to your exact specifications and preferences.

3. Adjustable smoke trails properties: Personalize your aerobatic shows even further by adjusting the color, density, width, and trail length of the smoke. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant displays or subtle and intricate patterns, the choice is yours.

4. Compatibility with All Aircraft: Unleash your creativity with the freedom to perform airshows with any MSFS aircraft. From nimble stunt planes to massive airliners, transform any flight into a spectacular performance.

5. User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a seamless and intuitive user experience with a straightforward interface that makes setting up and executing your airshows a breeze. You can save and load your own presets, or share them with others.

6. Realistic Visual Effects: Immerse yourself in the action with high-quality visual effects which react to the environment conditions – turbulence and wind. Experience the thrill of the airshow with every loop, roll, and spin.

Whether youre a seasoned virtual pilot or new to flight simulation, the AirshowAssistant offers endless possibilities for entertainment and skill development. Soar to new heights, leave your mark in the virtual skies, and make every flight an event to remember!

DISCLAIMER! This tool does not support any kind of multiplayer activities. You will not see smokes and flares, created by other players, same as they will not see yours smokes and flares.

Available in MSFS marketplace ($4.99) or on our website (for free). Have fun!

23 feedbacks on New MSFS tool is out – AirshowAssistant!

Hello, I am in the process of creating custom liveries in order to reproduce an acrobatic patrol with the T-45 but the program does not recognize my liveries. Is there a solution for this? Thank you so much !

I purchased the latest release for PC. Unfortunately I don’t see some new planes in the community folder (even if they are made by professional developers, it doesn’t recognize the f-15 and others) can you explain?
thank you!

Due to MSFS SDK limitations it’s not possible to get list of the installed aircraft accurately. Airshow tool uses scan feature which may capture some of your installed aircraft, or may not. If you want to add some aircraft into wingmen list – start the flight with it (any livery), open AirshowAssistant toolbar, WINGMEN tab, click on some of the wingmen button (#1 #2 or #3) and ensure this aircraft appear in the list. From now this aircraft will be available for selection.

Tested you product to simulate refueling visual with tornado and a320. Could a separate product be created to add a model for a refuel aircraft and a simple “refuel” in place of “cover me”

Would it be possible to make a tool where the AI aircraft follow the planned flight route so military simmers can practice manually flying formations to a fixed reference?

such feature planned but not in the close future, probably 1-2 months later

Hello I really like this airshow assistant as a add on to the flight sim but I really really want some of the aircrafts to produce different colours so when the other 2 or 3 aircrafts follow me and copy what I do I would like it if the user would be able to select the colour for the selected aircraft so aircraft 1 for example could produce red or blue depending on what colour the user selects so if you think about the red arrows for example they produce red,white and blue i would like the user to select different colors for the selected aircraft please as I believe this would be soo cool thanks.

I understand why you need to set different smoke colors for each wingman, but current smokes system does not allow it. It may be improved in the future, but not in the short terms.

With your duplication addon we can’t see the water effects below the boats (boats dlc xbox store) duplicated on xbox serie X.
Will there be a patch for that?

Thank you

well, that is unexpected way of AirshowAssistant usage. what is the boat product name so I can check it?

This boat uses default ASOBO_WATER_CP_LANDING_FX event created for the seaplanes. Due to sim limitation, this effect not applied to the AI aircraft because variable CONTACT POINT WATER DEPTH is not updated. You may contact this add-on developer and request to add workaround for this effect appearance in case of AI, like


Wingman feature not working in my sim. Is there any known conflicts with other mods? The menu comes up but no aircraft display. Using the paid FS store version I just bought today.

Forgot to add all aircraft in my hanger this tool is not working with.

Please let me know about:

1. is it PC or Xbox
2. which version you have installed
3. how exactly it does not work – you press COVER ME and no aircraft appear?
4. which aircraft you have tried, worth to check some of the default planes with stock livery, like Cessna 152

Wingman feature not working in my sim. Is there any known conflicts with other mods? The menu comes up but no aircraft display.

Hey guys, Just a quick one, Been playing about with the latest release on PC. I have just a few notes to make for possibility for improvments/upgrades.

1. When active pausing the wingman aircraft jolt forward, This really makes getting some of the cool formation screenshots a bit of a pain.

2. If we could get a dedicated trail position for in flight would be awesome. Low Level flight is typically done with a trail formation would be awesome to be able to set this as a default position.

3. Potentially a more delayed reaction time mainly for getting those peeling off screen shots would be awesome.

This addon is incredible and been able to change the aircraft model is insane! Keep up the fantastic work!

Hello, I just downloaded Airshow Assistant 2.7.0….. When I launch FS, a box pops up saying “WASM script isn’t running” and I cant get the box to disappear. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there,

My name is Matthias and i am the Webmaster and a revieuwer/news-poster for

I heard about your new AirshowAssistant! for MSFS and i would love to make a review about it and post it on our website.

My question to you is, is it possible to get a review copy?

If yes i will send you a direct link when the review is done and posten on our website,

Thank you for your time and have a great day!



Hello, Matthias! You can find latest version on this page, at the moment there is no difference between payware and demo version (however, may be in the future).

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