KA-10M v2 release! Now with aircraft carrier group

Good news for everyone who loves helicopters, retro aircraft, or something weird to fly. We just finished important stage of Ka-10M helicopter development. It get native flight model and engine simulation, and also moving aircraft carrier group to train your landing skills. And, as usually, it fully compatible with VR which makes it perfect sight seeing aircraft – no borders between you and the whole world.
You can purchase latest version on the SimMarket…
New update will appear in MSFS marketplace approximately 15 Dec, if no delay with testing will happen. Right now there older version available with custom flight model and without carrier included.

4 feedbacks on KA-10M v2 release! Now with aircraft carrier group

when using any of the aircraft carriers in my fa18 my landing gear does not retract, instead it stays down. is there any reason why?

Hello Marco,

Please, respond…..

08.10.2022 at 14:14
Sine some game updates the DG808 engine rpm wont increase even when sliding the throttle on the cockpit.

H. Kerkhoffsays:
19.12.2022 at 15:05
Hi, I have exactly the same problem, but no one is anwering our question. I completely fuelled the turbine before flying, and waited for more that 10 seconds before giving “Ready to fly”. All in vain..

DG808 next update in development right now, you can expect release near to end of the January.

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