New project – F/A-18 Super Warrior!

Several days ago we got the first military jet for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s fun but unfinished. Let’s give it some love and raise the level of quality!

First stage is passed – visual effects added like vortex trails, vapor cone, exhaust and aerobatics smoke.

Next will be working catapult – in cooperation with Photosbykev and 270inc we are making simply looking aircraft carrier with animated crew and complicated operations.

Then turn off the tailhook and arrestors – precise hook-cable collision calculation will make many of you happy (or angry).

And finally, the reason for the project name – AA radar with gun ballistics assistant for combat training simulation. Can you shoot someone? We’ll see.

Even if it’s a freeware project, only stable releases will become public. Development versions will be shared privately with our testers (you know Hornet well enough? Feel free to join!) and Patreon subscribers.


JW1 final!

JW1 Jetpack project gets to the finish line. We worked hard to finalize all planned features, hope you will enjoy it. You still may expect further updates with minor fixes and improvements so feel free to leave feedback or report issues.
If you purchased it already, get a new version from SimMarket customer dashboard (good time to make a review!)
Free version with round parachute and limited aboard functionality available at
List of v1.0.0 changes :
* parachute simulation greatly improved (SkyPirat)
* branding removed from textures and livery names
* minor animation fixes
* nearby targets indication improved (SkyPirat)
* thumbnails updated with latest model
* last flap position used for chute again (for proper chute appearance in multiplayer, gears short key still can be used)
* smoke transparency increased
* extra fixed cameras added
* smoke colour can be set by livery name

JW1 “SkyTraveler” on!

Amazing news everyone! Our Jetpack JW1 project reached an important milestone – it works pretty well and proved to be extremely enjoyable! A lot of positive feedback has been received already, tons of requests and some bug reports keep coming, so we are still working on improvements and fixes, updates will come out frequently.

You have two versions of choice – payware SkyPirat with some unique features like ram-air parachute (don’t expect too much, flight model very simplified) and possibility to get aboard another aircraft. And freeware SkyTraveler (currently v0.9.12) available on which can bring exactly the same amount of fun if you wish to try it out first.

If you are looking for extremes in MSFS – today is the best moment to get new experience! We have several races for the JW1, so you can get ALBATROSS and try to beat the best time in the table!



We are pretty close to the final version, but some work still should be done. You can expect updates will come during next several weeks.

Free version is step behind – HUD display should be updated to fit latest changes, could be ready in 2-3 days. Then it will be available not only on our website, but also on



JW1 screenshot contest!

First public update of Jetpack JW1 was just released so we would like to ask everyone to participate in Screenshot Contest of our new aircraft! 5 pictures will be selected by our ALBATROSS & TouchingCloud Discord server members. You can submit your favorite screenshots or vote for the ones you like.
Winners will get a free license for the payware version of the JW1 – with landing chute, custom helmet display symbology and aboard feature! Also your shots will be added into the release gallery with your name underneath.
Rules are simple:
join our Discord if you are still not a member 
– post your pictures into “# jw1-screenshot-contest” channel
– at least one JW1 aircraft should be presented on the picture
– no more than 3 pictures from each user
– no photofilters allowed, only brightness/contrast adjustment and crop
– resolution at least 1280×720 pixels, no upscale; format – PNG or JPEG with highest quality
– Discord members can vote anytime until contest is over, leave :thumbsup: under image you like (all other emoji will be ignored)
– you can vote for several pictures at once
– contest will start Sunday 25 July, ends Thursday 29 July 12:00 UTC
You can post your pictures anytime until contest channel is open. Then I will ping everyone one more time so we can collect as many votes as possible.
Good luck!
JW1 v0.8.0 link and details are here

New aircraft announce – JW1 jetpack for MSFS!

We are happy to announce roadmap for our jetpack JW1 project! Check out official MSFS forum for details
Latest update report:

DG808S v0.8 ready for take off!

Good news everyone!

We are ready to introduce next update of our DG808S community mod. You will find in new version a lot of visual improvements, better flight model and some useful features. Check this video for details:

Short list of changes:

  • animated pilot model (toggleable by click on seat)
  • additional liveries
  • cockpit reflection for canopy
  • custom attitude indicator
  • flight track for nav map
  • precise aerodynamics
  • panel light
  • improved textures and materials

Have a great flights, feel free to report issues, and keep an eye on future updates!


Kinetic Assistant and ALBATROSS hotfix

With latest MSFS update, our programs started to cause crash to desktop on loading screen. This time ASOBO developers changed initialization process somehow (probably optimized), but forget to add safe check for SimConnect – if some requests sent that moment, game crashing.

We have tried to avoid such issue, leave a comment or contact us on Discord if you still experience any problems with it. You can get latest versions of the apps on Kinetic Assistant and ALBATROSS pages.


Pre-final Kinetic update!

After months of the development and adjustments, we are finally close to the end of the process. Most features work smooth, the user interface is simple and logical.

Several things still should be improved – like ghost recording, and maybe new thing will be added soon – it has experimental status right now, if will work well – could be passed to our testing team soon.

New tow option was added in this version – ground crew push. It is really helpful for gliders and navy pilots, so you can park your aircraft, or move to the runway/catapult, by yourself.

In-game panel now included – you can see and control zoom of navigation screen inside of the game (works in VR!). No tutorials on it yet, but it’s enough just enable the “Kinetic Panel” option in settings (scroll down available options first), and click on Install link – drag and drop archive content into Community folder and you will see a new panel option with glider picture.

ALBATROSS updated as well, check out our new gliding competition – Race175 Oloron-Herrere! Don’t forget to get France add-on to have the ultimate level of scenery quality. We are all here for breathtaking sight viewing, right? =)


DG Flugzeugbau became better with each day

Another week of hard work and we are getting closer to the next public version. A lot of visual issues fixed – missing polygons, poorly looking textures and materials, VR problem.

Attempt to add water ballast dump visual effect can’t be named successful – current FX system very limited and does not provide much instruments. So it looks a bit weird, but better than nothing.

Next week missing sounds will be added, so cockpit, finally, will get ultimate immersion. Wish to thank everyone who helps us with issues tracking and advice, really glad it became truly community project!