JW1 “SkyTraveler” on!

Amazing news everyone! Our Jetpack JW1 project reached an important milestone – it works pretty well and proved to be extremely enjoyable! A lot of positive feedback has been received already, tons of requests and some bug reports keep coming, so we are still working on improvements and fixes, updates will come out frequently.

You have two versions of choice – payware SkyPirat with some unique features like ram-air parachute (don’t expect too much, flight model very simplified) and possibility to get aboard another aircraft. And freeware SkyTraveler (currently v0.9.12) available on which can bring exactly the same amount of fun if you wish to try it out first.

If you are looking for extremes in MSFS – today is the best moment to get new experience! We have several races for the JW1, so you can get ALBATROSS and try to beat the best time in the table!

6 feedbacks on JW1 “SkyTraveler” on!

After update SU5 most of my fsx to msfs conversions do not work anymore. Is it possible to update ” msfs legacy importer” to make conversions from fsx again working?
I and many other would you much thankfull!


uh.. asobo killing legacy and who knows how long MDL will be supported. maybe I will make last throw fixing major issues and adding helicopters import support, but no promises here – payware products in priority.

Thak youfor your answer.

I am happy 😊 to hear that you planning to update msfs legacy importer.
I hope to update my aircrafs to working again!

Greetings from the Netherlands

I am very impressed with JW1 “SkyTraveler.” Excellent add-on!
Just my suggestion: make Flap #4 “Smooth auto-landing” feature and transfer the landing parachute option to the trim down button.
Here is another video you can use to promote your add-on. The video was edited to look like an autolanding by reversing one of my takeoffs.
Jetpack Flight to Soldier Field, Chicago MSFS 2020

Parachute will be on Gears shortcut in next version.

Thanks for the auto landing idea, we will think about that. Cool video!

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