F/A-18 “Super Warrior” mod v4.0 just released!

In cooperation with Photosbykev and 270inc carrier operations became possible in MSFS! Animated and interactive crew, catapult steam, exciting seconds right before launch – just get it and experience yourself.

4 feedbacks on F/A-18 “Super Warrior” mod v4.0 just released!

In v6 Ctrl+Shift+E works, but you need to set throttle to lower position

1. Been trying the FA18 on the Carrier[very nice]…BUT
The catapult does not seem to get the plane up to enough speed?[crash in water every time-brakes are off]
My joystick throttle only operates the left engine?
I have to use F3 to get full power on both engines?

First, disable aircraft assistances in game settings – throttle, controls etc. as autopilot has no idea what is going on and trying to stop you after lift off. And don’t forget to disengage parking brakes before launch.

I am not sure about throttles issue, haven’t really changed such things (automatic afterburner does not manipulate with throttle values). Maybe first advice will help. Is same happen on stock F/A as well, or only modded?

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