DG808S upgrade report!

We almost finished with textures replacement, fixing interactive elements animation and make them clickable. Thanks to David Fairhurst‘s artist skills we’ve got an incredible level of gauge details. No advanced materials or geometry added yet, so you can expect it will be even twice better in the end.

Made by Ian Lewis precise TE and netto calculations helps to catch the wind and stay airborne as long as possible. Currently, default navigation screen used, but in the future it will be replaced with custom code.

Smooth flight model of Michael Rossi, which we have enjoyed many months since MSFS release, improved by ANRI so it get realistic stall and overspeed simulation.

We have several major issues left to fix and then will pass properly working glider to the testers group, just to find out which problems we have missed and get some feedback. Quite soon new testing version will become public available. Stay tuned!

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