KineticAssistant hotspots ingame indication

Main improvement of 0.13 version is hotspots/thermals ingame indication – classic spiral (both freeware and payware) or realistic birds (payware only), each is optional. This feature usage is simple – unpack content into Community (you can find file inside of KineticAssistant folder manually or click Install Kinetic Panel link on Settings tab). Start the flight, load hotspots with preferred method (API or manual), check Spirals and/or Birds checkboxes, toggle hotspots.


– spiral height and diameter match hotspot size, however spiral location/shape not updated even if Leaning option enabled
– spiral has LODs (different quality models) for performance safety. quality of the model should increases while flying toward, good looking one should be  visible at distance ~1km
– Birds (4 types – hawk, seagull, crow, swift) inserted in the center of the hotspot at altitude ~2000ft below top edge of the hotspot, animated randomly
– birds visible from any distance, as much as your monitor allow it; to increase chances to spot tiny objects in the sky, you can try to increase RENDER SCALING option (right behind resolution), but it will hit your FPS
– each type of indicator can be disabled on Hotspots page, models update on checkbox click (if hotspots active)

Other fixes:

– KK7 hotspots data stored as local files to avoid network issues, will be updated several times per year
– custom LNM userpoint name can be used starting with Thermal word, like – “Thermal near my home gliding club” instead of “thermal” (hotspot word valid as well)
– panel connection error fixed for SU8 update

2 feedbacks on KineticAssistant hotspots ingame indication

Good Day
In the Payware version I can not import the CSV in to Little Navmap.
Ausnahmefehler aufgetreten
“Längengrad ist eine ungültige Zahl in Zeile
” Latitude degree WGS84, Longitude degree WGS84, altitude in meters
AMSL,thermal probability in a circle with 250m radius around the hotspot”
Importieren gestoppt.”
Please help my

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