Jetpack JW1 v2!

Hello, Jetman fans! We are stepping to the next stage of project development – all effects updated (dynamic heat blur, downwash, colored smokes, even visible damaged engine smoke), tablet with aircraft configs and engines data makes flight easier for you, and most important – VR fixes and improvements implemented, including motion controllers support.

We are still working on improvements so feel free to leave your feedback or propose new features.

We set 25% discount for JW1 on SimMarket, it is the perfect moment to jump on the train if you did not purchase it earlier!

Full list of changes:

– reworked effects – smoke texture, dynamic heat blur, downwash works again
– round chute removed completely to decrease possibility of visibility issues
– non-analog walking controls (walk fast and stand only positions)
– control panel (tablet) with engines throttles and status info, flight modes switch and indication, settings
– scripts update frequency increased (affects walking, parachute, aboard)
– instrument camera added (view inside of the body fix)
– Manual HMD control (with spoiler handle) separate in new Display option
– static display positions issues fixed
– drogue chute animation fixed, both before and after main chute deployment
– walking animation improved
– Disable Assistances flag added (hides Assistances tab completely)

VR improvements:
– dedicated VR camera removed because initial pitch/bank/heading value not longer works for it (you are looking into the skies when your head faced forward), so default cameras used instead (can be switched from Camera toolbar menu during flight)
– moving helmet display (with limitations, center view before flight with head pitched up about 30 degrees)
– motion controllers support for flight, walking, parachute landing
– control Panel wheels for motion controls area position adjustment
– HMD made static for back view

Now sad news. Due to low sales of the payware version of JW1 (zero sales to be precise) we are no longer able to perform free version updates. It still flies well, and all main features are working, but do not expect major upgrades. We still keep SkyPirat price low, even if it took 3 times longer to develop it than planned, so it should not empty your pocket if you haven’t purchase it yet.

Fly safe, and see you around!

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