F/A-18E “Super Warrior” mod v7.3 PUBLIC

Finally, we get to the public release. Thanks to our testers and supporters for feedback and help during development!
Full list of v7 changes:
– tailhook correct deployment angle
– canopy switch & animated canopy
– helmet mounted display (brightness knob on right-front panel); EXPERIMENTAL VR support (always on) and TrackIR (switch and vertical-horizontal adjustments above HMD knob)
– external fuel tanks, jettison buttons, each tank adds 2% to spoilers position to simulate drag force (model and textures by Lord Frites)
– gap between fuselage and back of the cockpit (visible while canopy is opened) filled with back borders
– tailhook effects does not appear if it retracted
– HUD glass flickering fixed

10 feedbacks on F/A-18E “Super Warrior” mod v7.3 PUBLIC

the fuel menu on the tacan display(with pretty much everything else on the tacan display) is not working, also the annoying reject setup and mids setup texts displays on the hud

Buenas tardes.
I have installed your mod and I also have the Top Gun Maverick mod installed.
This indication appears in the lower left part of the HUD:
In the lower right part of the HUD appear this indication
The DDI buttons do not work correctly.
Can you tell me if there is any solution. I have verified that there are other users with the same problem.
All the best
good evening

Hello. SW is partially working since latest MSFS updates. New version with fixes is planned but no estimation date I am afraid, roughly – February.

Hi there,
Really like your fa-18 mod😁👍🏻. But i’m a real sucker for military flying gear. Is it possible to alter the pilots oxygen mask to an MBU-12 mask? The current one looks a bit weird to me. It’s no complain whatsoever just an question. Keep up your awesome!!

Best regards,

No, we can’t alter pilot easily. But you can find some modded textures for military pilot on

This switch to the right hand, under tailhook handle (it also available in stock F/A version)

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