KineticAssistant v0.14

New KineticAssistant update with many features!

1. New installation method
Opposite to past instructions, KineticAssistant folder should be extracted into Community. To save your settings, towplane records etc. first copy old version KineticAssistant folder into Community, rename it to touchingcloud-tools-kineticassistant, then extract installer archive content into Community with rewriting existing files. You can use addons linker or similar tool for semi-automatic installation. Built-in SimMarket launcher automatic update not supported yet (as KA is not really MSFS add-on), but possibility is under investigation.
After launch, program check existence and version of KineticPanel. If it not installed, or outdated, you will see notification about automatic update – press Yes to install latest KineticPanel version.

2. Pilot and winch operator communication speech
After winch launch initiated, pilot will request launch by spelling selected airspeed. Operator will confirm launch and rope slack. After release (or rope failure), pilot will name gained altitude in feet. Voice can be disabled or speech pack changed from settings, volume – with sounds slider.

3. Winch & towplane rope (KineticAssistant+ only)
After winch launch started, winch vehicle will be inserted in selected range, rope will be connected to the glider CG point (DG808S, Discus2C, AS-33, LS4 has accurate coordinates), another end of the rope will be connected to the winch. Rope will bend when it lose tension, and straight when it pulling glider in full strength.

We are looking for volunteers for the voice command recording!
Preferably non-English speakers – you can use your own common phrases instead of default one to make MSFS gliding much more immersive. Voice commands available both for freeware and payware versions, so your time will help all of KineticAssistant users. Contact us if you are willing to help.

3 feedbacks on KineticAssistant v0.14

Hi Alex
My computer refuses to install the sim-market app. I can’t download the latest update 🙁

2955542 Wednesday 23 March, 2022 EUR 6.00 Completed
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That is a huge problem, I didn’t know they removed possibility to install add-ons manually without application.
Please create support ticket there, maybe SimMarket team will propose some workaround. Let me know if it will end with nothing, I can try to find alternative installation solution.

Ticket created and solved. I really urge independent producers to implement e-sales on their own site. 100% sales go to you (where I want it to go). I’m also looking forward to installing in Community folder so am going back to Kinetik Assistant (and not using the KA plus) until the two are unified. Also – this is a really amazing app, thank you.

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