DG808S v0.8 ready for take off!

Good news everyone!

We are ready to introduce next update of our DG808S community mod. You will find in new version a lot of visual improvements, better flight model and some useful features. Check this video for details:

Short list of changes:

  • animated pilot model (toggleable by click on seat)
  • additional liveries
  • cockpit reflection for canopy
  • custom attitude indicator
  • flight track for nav map
  • precise aerodynamics
  • panel light
  • improved textures and materials

Have a great flights, feel free to report issues, and keep an eye on future updates!

2 feedbacks on DG808S v0.8 ready for take off!

Hi, Thanks very much for the tutorial flight.

What key or axis do I map in order to change the flap settings in MSFS. I have only managed to get 0,1,2 and 3 but unable to work out how you get the T settings.

I would appreciate your assistance with this. My mouse does not work on the flaps or spoilers so I had to map them to my X52 pro buttons and Axis respectively.

Actually, any axis should work for as flaps handle. You just need to go further up to -14 degrees. What about 3rd person view, is HUD flaps indicator goes to the bottom?

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