Kinetic Assistant and ALBATROSS hotfix

With latest MSFS update, our programs started to cause crash to desktop on loading screen. This time ASOBO developers changed initialization process somehow (probably optimized), but forget to add safe check for SimConnect – if some requests sent that moment, game crashing.

We have tried to avoid such issue, leave a comment or contact us on Discord if you still experience any problems with it. You can get latest versions of the apps on Kinetic Assistant and ALBATROSS pages.

4 feedbacks on Kinetic Assistant and ALBATROSS hotfix

Hello. I tried the new Kinetic Assistant today. Nice Tool + Good Work 😉

Should the kinetic-panel folder (zip) in the community folder or only activate and start with the Kinetic Assistant.exe?

There are two towplanes available, the DA40-NG and the EXTRA 330 (.gpx). Is it possible, to include other aircrafts like a ROBIN DR 400…?


Sorry, both features not finished and not documented well yet.

To install ingame panel, unpack “kinetic-panel” into Community, launch the game and open settings in Kinetic Assistant – scroll options down and select “Ingame panel: Enabled”, then you can try to click glider icon in panels row in MSFS.

You can change plane model by editing GPX file – just replace Name value on another one.
Or you can record your own track – choose towplane, prepare to takeoff, press REC on GhostReplay tab and follow required route. When you reach final point – stop recording, rename GPX file (if you want) and place it in TOWPLANES folder. This record will be added in this list on program restart.

all program files inside of ALBATROSS folder, so you can just overwrite old files by archive content and launch EXE

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