New aircraft announce – JW1 jetpack for MSFS!

We are happy to announce roadmap for our jetpack JW1 project! Check out official MSFS forum for details
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Hello Touching Cloud!
I’ve bought your Jetpack JW1 Add-on today and I do love it! I’ve flown it for hours and I pretty enjoy! I do have some issues with it. For example the camera that shakes a lot while being on vertical or on the ground, also some difficulties to handle the chute.
I also wanted to know if you could make a basejumper/skydiver addon!! That would be a must have! With realistic physics (100 knots in free fall with possibilities to change the body positions to go faster (with flaps keybind). I cannot find a way to limit the free fall speed to 100 knots. In the sim, you fall two or three times faster…
I’m sure you could make an amazing skydiver add-on for msfs2020!

I wish you all the best

Thanks for kind words!

FlightSim does not expect that aircraft will stand vertically so camera jump to another side like you are making a loop. While this thing not possible to fix, in next update 0.11.0 (probably today) Fixed camera will be available – it will hang above jetpack with 45 degrees angle (both back and face can be used), hope it will be a good solution for the issue.

Parachute simulation conflicting with native flight model but I think there still some room for improvements, you can expect some changes in further updates, around next weekend I guess.

We planned wingsuit add-on, even started with 3d model, but because of low interest to the jetwing it was cancelled, at least for now. Skydiver could be interesting for simmers only if some kind of activity will exist – like group flights or competitions, we can’t risk to lose several months on add-on that no one will use. Maybe someone else will use our WASM scripts with walking and parachute landing simulations, and bring such project to life.

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