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Looks like time comes – we have created a Discord server. We spent a lot of time to keep discussion with all our testers and users as everyone has own preferable way to communicate, so we propose to get together on Discord:
Several purposes for this server – we can publish testing updates privately and you will be able to get notifications quickly, and also provide feedback easily. If you are just flying, you can contact other pilots in text or voice channels created for each of our competitions.
You will continue to receive website news and updates, but Discord proved to be the best way to communicate with players around the world, especially when competition happens.

If you have a Discord account, just follow this link and let me know that you are willing to get access to the testing discussion channel.

If you have no Discord, you can create an account at and use a web client.

See you online!

4 feedbacks on TouchingCloud on Discord!

I have installed the new version 2.11.0 of airshow assistant (via marketplace). Previously I had a list of available aircraft that I could use as wingmen. After SU15 update I no longer have this, I removed and reinstalled it several times, but each time I can no longer scan aircraft and every time I start the program I get the text ‘livery database id not set’. As a wingman, I do get the same aircraft that I placed (same type, same registration number). What is the reason for this? Any solutions? Thanks in advance (google translated)

I wasn’t able to replicate such problem, scan feature works fine both for default and add-on aircraft. Have you tried to select some default plane and do the scan?
livery database id not set happens when you fly aircraft which was not added into the list yet, maybe it brings some limitations even if should not.

Thank you for the reply. In the meantime I have found the problem. It was indeed an aircraft (not from the FS itself) that blocked the scanning. After correcting the error on this aircraft, the scan function was available again. So all’s well that ends well and we can once again enjoy the beautiful program such as airshow assistant; Greetings Dirk

Will be great if you’ll provide the model and type values of this aircraft, or title of the problematic livery, so I can fix this issue in the code

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