New ALBATROSS with something special

We have started to work on a new feature of Kinetic Assistant and ALBATROSSGhost Replay. It is quite a special feature for MSFS – unlike other replay tools, it does affect not your aircraft but insert and animate AI aircraft instead.

First and simplest usage of it – animate the tow plane so it will follow recorded route instead of pulling your glider into the bushes. Please read the latest ALBATROSS version about how to make it work. Leave a comment if you know a better way how it can be used.

Record/play buttons are also available but they are poorly tested, so we not recommend to use them, but you still can try. By any cost don’t use these buttons during competition (recording happens automatically).

Now bad news. We experience various freezes during the competition. In my case I have a slideshow started right after I reach start gates. First thought – something is wrong with ALBATROSS, but step by step it became clear that issue in the game itself – even without any SimConnect programs running and empty Community folder, it is still doing it. It may happen on the first waypoint, or last, so we have not found any clear reason. Let us know if you will find any dependency.

Happy gliding! If MSFS will allow you..

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