Kinetic Assistant 0.8.4 is available for testing

Next Kinetic update – a lot of changes were applied to artificial thermals, as an attempt to make them closer to real life. New modifiers – weather, time of the day, and most important – wind. Please read the description for more information about how it all works together.

Minor catapult and arrestor improvements. Like a catapult launchbar now holds the aircraft until you initiate launch, in case parking brakes are not able to do that.

Program description now contains both user interface description and usage instructions, please check it out in case you are missing some feature (on the website or inside of the PDF included in the archive).

Unfortunately, previously announced XCSoar support delayed due to issue caused by the network script, but we hope to introduce it in the next update.

As Kinetic Assistant is now part of the ALBATROSS competitions app, some future updates may contain features that will be used in competitions only, but stay tuned anyway – thermals and towing improvements still planned.

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