Kinetic Assistant hotfix

If you have problems with winch or tow on some gliders (like Discus v2.5), please update to the newer version.

12 feedbacks on Kinetic Assistant hotfix

there was a missing Kernelbase.dll inside the windows map.
I found the solution on youtube. there was a good explanation how to fix it.Glad that i can use your wonderfull program now.
Hopefully there wil be more gliders and realism to come.Now is my next challenge to get know the termal programm.
Thank you for your patient and help to solve the problem.
With friendly regards Andre

Maybe i found something.
i went to windows event vieuwer and there was a line speeking of KERNELBASE.DLL
Only don.t have a clue to proceed

uhhhh !? iám not shure how to make this work..Is there maybe a possebility that you connect with my computer and check by yourself.
So you have acces to my computer online.Making a video ?? how you make a video ,with a phone or videocamera??.And where do i upload the video..Iám not young anymore and computers are a big challange.

Yes i have the free version from Avast .Thealx already try.d to help me with this issue.I have updated Avast after whitelisted the Exe file.However the problem still exist.My hair is turning grey ,my heartbeat rises i really reeally would love to use this great program.

Well, bad news for you. You are talking with the same person, and I still have no idea what is going on.
So what about older versions, are they works? 0.7 for example

Yes did that(grin)..But i found something new..
i started all over again..removing all the old stuff except meself..And yes Kinetic windows opens and looks fine.only when i start Msfs the window close.

hello i have troubles with start the program!
the program kinetic assistant keeps shutting down on start up.
The first screen is vissable for a few seconds and shuts down.
I have tryd several options like looking for help in msfs forums.
I run a brandnew Msi Game computer Win 10 pro.
Could somebody help me up in the sky with my Glider plane.
a thankfull Dutch olderly enthousiast
greetings Andre

Hello. Is same happen with older versions?
And do you have any antivirus installed? Maybe it block the program somehow.

Now iám really confused..After a clean reinstall everything the Kinetic Assistant starts without any problem.Only when i hit the MSFS2020 start the window closes??
Is there something wrong with how i installed MSFS or maybe the original location of the Community folder.
The Kinetic Assistant is located in a different folder outside the Community folder

that is really weird. maybe you can make a video how window disappear? never seen anything like that

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