Kinetic Assistant v0.3 released

Next update for the Cloud Assistant. New tab Thermals was added – it is not sort of weather simulation script, but simple gameplay element – you can load Userpoints CSV list (made in Little Navmap) where position and radius set for each thermal manually.

Controls and sound notifier settings added – now you can attach program functions to existing MSFS event (light only at the moment).

And all three other features improved – winch became smoother, catapult with arrestors more stable.

4 feedbacks on Kinetic Assistant v0.3 released

Can you tell me what tag values need to be set in the userpoint location setup box for thermals, please? Is there a min/max value and do they need to be seperated by ,\- or just a space?

Thank you for your time.

Hello. here some examples:

Elevation: 3000
Tag: 1
if ground level at 500 feet MSL, thermal top will be at 3500ft (MSL, barometric altitude), 1nm radius, lift power 10kn by default

Elevation: 2500
Tag: 1.5 10
thermal top at 3000ft MSL, 1.5nm radius, best lift inside of thermal will be ~8kn on the top, in the middle – about 5kn

Elevation: 500
Tag: 0.5
thermal height will be measured by MSL value, selected by user in Thermals tab (version 0.8 and later), if it set 6000, then thermal height will be 6500ft above sea level, 0.5nm radius, 10kn best lift value

Elevation: -500
Tag: 2 8
with same clouds level value, top of the thermal is 5500ft above sea level, 2nm radius 8kn (v0.8+ as well)

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