Mutual update of Kinetic Assistant and ALBATROSS

New updates available for our programs – Kinetic Assistant (0.9.1) and ALBATROSS (0.5). Most improvements in replay functionality was made this time. Now you can use manually created track files for the tow plane, so no more weird AI behavior. More various routes will be added soon. You still can enable ATC controlled tow plane in options, but prepare for troubles as it does not work properly on many airfields.

If competition contain tow plane track (currently Race 100 LOIJ and Race 159 EDFY), to start towing process just open Aerotow tab, press AI TOW button and prepare for takeoff.

You can test out recording/replay functionality, but it is very unfinished at the moment – you can’t perform some aerobatics and expect the program to play it properly. Further improvements will be applied soon, but our first goal – to make the plane follow proper route – is reached.

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