Another big update – DG808S glider now available for everyone!

Another big step forward in the soaring community! Thanks to Ian “B21” Lewis, we get a full pack of precisely working gauges in our DG808S. Even if 3D model is still in legacy format, flight model and instruments converted into modern form and fully working now.
By NewkTV’s advice, we were able to make it work in VR mode (even if in limited form), and also made installer work without Flight Simulator X assets, so everyone will be able to have it now!
Take it, discover the world in solo flight, or enjoy the freedom with your friends. And don’t forget to get Kinetic Assistant, a must-have util for the glider pilot. 

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Do we have to set the Flight Model in the General settings in MSFS to Legacy and then choose FSX?

No, Modern flight model should be selected. This is full conversion so DG became native MSFS aircraft.


After installing DG-808S I cannot shut down MSFS 2020.
I understand there is a commandline I have to copy and place it somewhere so that MSFS 2020 shuts down. Can you please help me with that?

the parking brake of the DG808S glider cannot be switched on to perform the winch start with “Attach winch cable”. Otherwise, the parking brake works perfectly.
What am I doing wrong?
Flying the DG808S is wonderful.
Thank you for your reply.

Hi. That is weird, program does not rely on actual brake config of the glider, but parking brakes button press. Have you tried to use winch on some other aircraft (even if it is not a glider)? Maybe you are doing something wrong.

Hi there. I would have a few questions: A few days ago I installed the DG-808 glider for the MSFS 2020 and have flown with it a few times … Looks good and is fun 😉 It has an invisible drive, which is on start always charged with 50% “fuel”.

Why does the glider actually burns so much fuel at full throttle? Is that normal with real glider assistance engines? After approx. 5-10 minutes the drive goes out and you can no longer reload via the in-game menu so that you have a new full drive again 🙁 I would have liked to have made longer sightseeing flights with the glider. For the time being, thermals only works “elaborately” via Little Navmap, which I have not yet tried out.
Now the question: Can i permanently “reprogram” it, that the glider, for example, is always charged with 100% fuel when starting, or has endless drive, or also starts with 0%? That you have different (e.g. 3) DG-808 gliders depending on the purpose? Then i don’t always have to set it in the in-game menu …

For example, with the red / white livery (where there is no red on it), can i also “program” my own callsign (fuselage + wing: D-1977, fin: MG and german flag) 😉 ?

Can the functions (release, power supply, canopy, etc.) in the cockpit also be activated with the mouse? Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work yet.

Does a real DG-808 also have a trim function? And in the simulator?

Thank you in advance + Greetings from Germany,

P.S. The Kinetic Assistant doesn’t really work for me either. The winch pulls the glider straight up at 45 degrees at the beginning, but then always very quickly down to the ground and then suddenly fast up again. Automatic rope release sometimes only takes place far behind the square, although only 500m are set. I don’t get to see a tug tow aircraft towand without a tug it doesn’t make much sense or fun. I can’t choose anything, although sometimes something is displayed in the list. I thought that it would also work with AI aircraft? I haven’t had the option of multiplayer with someone else as a tow pilot. Unfortunately I have no flight simulator buddies…


DG808S model we making does not have engine in RL, so on this one it installed only because that was only way to get into the air. It will be removed once Kinetic Assistant will be finished.

You can edit these values in engine.cfg file to decrease fuel consumption (you can start with last one):

high_fuel_flow = 167.1
min_n2_for_fuel_flow = 22
fuel_flow_max = 390

Unfortunately, you can’t link different liveries with unique engine.cfg file.

We are using FSX model for this project so it does not support clicking interactions. We have no plans on upgrade model into modern format, but that is possible.

RL DG808S has only pitch trim (mechanical), automatic trim was added into the game to simplify controls (you can ignore it if you prefer).

Check out next assistant update – rope calculations improved both for tow and winch, AI tow plane can be requested (functionality is limited but still usable). Originally, towing was implemented special for the multiplayer, but other kind of usage will be improved with time as well.

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